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Knitting as Meditation

Lately, when I wake up, I grab a cup of coffee and I sit down with my knitting.


I don't check my email.

I don't look at the news.

I don't even refer to my plan for the day.

Or my to-do list.

I just sit and knit.

(I do feed the dogs first, though.  Because that's how we roll here.)


I find that knitting in the morning is a perfect way to center myself and prepare for the day ahead.

Except when I'm knitting a complicated pattern (lace or tricky cables, for example, or anything involving a lot of counting), I find knitting to be a form of meditation.  The stitches on the needle are much like . . . rosary beads or mala beads . . . one after the other after the other.  Matched with my breathing.  Letting my mind quiet.  Calling for a peaceful heart.

(With the added bonus of watching a sweater emerge right under my fingertips.)

I am participating in Project Peace again this year, although I've decided not to cast on for the actual project this time.  Instead, I'm continuing with my current sweater project.  I am following along with the daily peace prompts -- but knitting my own project instead.  Someday I may knit the actual pattern for this year's Project Peace (I did purchase it) -- but not right now.

What AM I knitting?


This sweater.  I'm much further along now than I was when I took this photo outside.  But it shows the actual color of my yarn - and the texture - much better.  Now that I've divided out the sleeves, the knitting is going much quicker.


Maybe I'll have a new sweater before spring . . . 

Whatever the timing, I'm enjoying my morning knitting-as-meditation!


See what other knitters are up to today over at Kat's!


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So well put, Kym. Knitting is a very peaceful when I become one with the rhythm of the stitches. Going round and round is especially peaceful. You captured so well the joy and peace of the process. (I love my current project and I'm a little too invested in the end because I know I'll love it so.)


I do the same thing when I can. The rhythm of morning knitting is a treat. Thanks for putting it into words!


I do the exact same thing! Except...I feed the cat first - ha! It is extremely meditative for me and I definitely feel a difference when I do not start my day that way. As Honore would say, it is part of my MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time).

Love the color of your yarn - that will be a gorgeous sweater!


This is brilliant and I'm trying this beginning tomorrow! I usually wait until the evening to knit, but I'm too often tired, cranky, and/or worn out, so there has been precious little real knitting or progress. I love your yarn color, pattern, and texture, and it really does look like your sweater is growing before our eyes. Morning knitting meditation may be just what I need; thank you!


I think this is such a great idea! I think of knitting as meditation as well, but I haven't put it into my daily schedule, and I should do that. That's going to be a lovely "meditation" sweater.


I love this post, and find it so very true. Knitting is the most wonderful meditation and I find that I can solve many problems in those few minutes I sit quietly knitting. (And, I love the sweater!)


Love that sweater and your idea of starting the day with knitting and coffee instead of email and the news. I'm not sure I can do that on work days but I might try it on the weekends.


Some mornings I am too scattered to do anything much right away. But if I can, I like to try to knit at least two rounds/rows before I go to work. That way I feel that I have done something of my own in the day, even if the rest of it heads downhill. :-)


That sounds like a lovely way to start the day! I'd love to start my day that way, but unless there's some sort of cosmic shift, it's never going to happen!! I'm too much of a night owl, haha! I do find knitting to be incredibly grounding, and since I do most of mine in the evening, it is how I generally slough off the worries of the day and re-center. Generally. :)


I love your idea of knitting as morning meditation. The sweater looks lovely.


You have made me think about the cadences of each day. Thank you!


That sweater is really coming along! and I'm tempted to try shuffling my morning around. I definitely don't look at the news, but I do read emails and blogs, which is mostly peaceful - and gets me inspired! thank you, Kym, for the idea!


It's looking so good!


T'is a lovely idea to begin the day with knitting ... I start by writing/journaling and mindful reading. I was intrigued with the Healthy Knitter's suggestion too ... so perhaps I'll add knitting and/or hand stitching ...I don't seem to get "roun tuit ," otherwise...something to ponder. Thx...


PS. The sweater's going to be lovely!

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