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It's Thursday and I'm Tired

It's Thursday and I've had a busy week.  I'm tired.  I'm running out of ideas - for gifts and dinners and blog posts.  And I'm really weary of Christmas music.  (There.  I said it.)  


Here are three random things that have nothing to do whatsoever with the holidays.


1 - Tom and I have gone to the movies two nights in a row.  (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missoui one night, and Lady Bird the next.)

2 - As of late last night, Erin will have finished all coursework and finals for her Masters in Professional Writing program at Carnegie Mellon University.  (Hip-hip-hurray!)

3 - We had to take Jenny to the vet earlier this week because we found an alarming (to us) "thing" at the base of one of her ears.  Turns out it is just a kind of wart -- and very common in older dogs; no big deal.  (Phew. . .)

That's that.  Now . . . back to my holiday list.


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