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It's Thursday and I'm Tired

It's Thursday and I've had a busy week.  I'm tired.  I'm running out of ideas - for gifts and dinners and blog posts.  And I'm really weary of Christmas music.  (There.  I said it.)  


Here are three random things that have nothing to do whatsoever with the holidays.


1 - Tom and I have gone to the movies two nights in a row.  (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missoui one night, and Lady Bird the next.)

2 - As of late last night, Erin will have finished all coursework and finals for her Masters in Professional Writing program at Carnegie Mellon University.  (Hip-hip-hurray!)

3 - We had to take Jenny to the vet earlier this week because we found an alarming (to us) "thing" at the base of one of her ears.  Turns out it is just a kind of wart -- and very common in older dogs; no big deal.  (Phew. . .)

That's that.  Now . . . back to my holiday list.


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The only thing better than this post is if your list had been three dinner ideas that I could have used. Dinner is close to defeating me. Hooray and congratulations to Erin - Professional Writing sounds so Professional!


Congratulations Erin!! what an accomplishment!! and whew about Jenny. What did you think of Lady Bird? I've heard decidedly mixed reviews from my friends.


Both of those movies are on my between-now-and-New-Year list. I'm with you on the Christmas music...I do very small doses and have only listened once so far this season. Congratulations to Erin and for her very bright future! And tell Jenny no worries...I know a couple of lumpy old girl Labs and they are fabulous! xoxo


Due to life circumstances, I have not been engaged in Christmas anything this month. My husband put up the tree and some lights on the house. We do have a box of cards and stamps but those won’t even get addressed until after next Tuesday. I haven’t even thought about gifts but it is not stressing me out so I am just going with it. I say back away, listen to a good audio book and have a cuppa something warm and soothing.


Whew on Jenny for sure!! And congratulations to Erin! What an accomplishment. I know what you mean about the music. I'm ok with what we listen to at home (we choose...the DJ doesn't), but the station I usually listen to at this time of year is just ANNOYING. For once I'm not stressed about the fact that I have not finished shopping or even started cards. It's ok. I'm doing my yoga breathing and all is good!!


I've been pretty selective in my Christmas music selection this year... in control! I've nixed the radio at work, of late, and listen to Spotify instead (IN CONTROL!).

Congratulations Erin!! That must feel so GOOD!

Whew, Jenny! Obviously so loved... warts and all. ;)

Jeannie Gray

Funny, but a bowl of oranges always reminds me of Christmas.
Glad Jenny 's okay. Our dog gets those 'old lady lumps' too. And I love that the vet calls them "old lady lumps."


My vet always said that labs can be lumpy as they get older - glad Jenny's ok! I listen to Christmas music all the time but not on the radio, it's from my own playlists so I enjoy it a lot. We haven't been to the movies at all yet but I hope we will over Christmas break. Get some rest so that you will be rejuvenated and ready for merriment. Are you having a solstice party this year?


Yay for movies, being done, and things that are not a big deal! XO


Your post made me happy. Glad Jenny is all right! And congrats to the writer. :)


So happy to wheat that Jenny's scare was for not and yay for Erin!! Her life is about to change, eh? My life is sans Christmas music and I think that is heresy to some! It's in every store so no need for more. Three Billboards was so good and my friend and I discussed it for days. The casting was fabulous and what a moral dilemma!


Congratulations to Erin! And dinner is the eternal question isn't it? I gave up tonite and we ate leftover soup with peanut butter sandwiches and apple slices. Take a few minutes for a cuppa and a sit down. I hope tomorrow you feel more rested.

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