It's Thursday and I'm Tired
This Week: Monday

Good Advice

Feeling scrambled?

Too many things on your to-do list?

Wondering how it will all get done?

Here's my advice:  RELAX.


Fix yourself a cup of tea.  Then sit down for a few minutes to enjoy it.

Everything will get done.  Or it won't.  And you'll find out it didn't matter all that much.  (Y'know?)

I've been reminded a few times this week . . . that life is short.  Sometimes way too short.  And we really don't want to waste it on unnecessary tasks -- or living into unrealistic expectations.  

So take some time this weekend to create - and enjoy -  some quiet moments.  

(You'll be glad you did.)



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Words of wisdom just when I need them ~ thank you!


Thank you! I really needed to read this today!


You've said it! Just go with the flow and whatever happens happens! xoxo


Perfect advice! Happy Friday my friend! XO


Smart words, perfect advice for this time of year, but also--for always!


Thank you for the good advice. Also since I’m playing catch up—so happy that Jenny is okay! Wish our doggie children would tell us when they’re hurting and when they’re not!


Amen! Very well said and thanks for the reminder.


perfectly timed, Kym - thank you! my new thing is all about "not being busy" ... it's a challenge this time of year!


perfectly timed, Kym - thank you! my new thing is all about "not being busy" ... it's a challenge this time of year!


One of our local radio stations plays all Christmas music throughout December and yes I am getting weary of their particular playlist. Maybe we could all take a little mini-vacation away from Christmas (never thought I would say that).


Amen. A cup of tea is one of the best medicines. I'm off to brew one right now.


Wonderful advice!


I seem to be living/feeling/doing this more and more each year without really thinking about it. I have a pretty laid-back attitude in general, but also wisdom of years and cumulative effect of many a life-is-short reminder?? Not that I don't have a hectic day or two ahead... Merry! Merry!

kathy b

I love the kind gentle reminder to RELAX . Im trying!

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