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Knitting as Meditation

Flowing on in to December

"Christmas can't be bought from a store . . .
Maybe Christmas means a little bit more."


So . . . my November was all about gratitude.  

I loved that.  It was grounding for me -- to be intententional about giving thanks and acknowledging the good in my world.

Now, though, we've flipped the calendar to December.


And, yeah.  I know that December is the "month of giving" and all.  But . . . it's also the month of crazy.  

And shopping.

And promotion.

And expectations . . . for creating that "perfect" holiday.

I'm trying to work out how to keep that gratitude-frame-of-mind I so carefully crafted in November . . . flowing on into December. 

For me, this holiday, it's going to be about:

Less expectation . . . and more gratitude.
Less frenzy . . . and more fun.
Less busy . . . and more reflection.
Less obligation . . . and more meaning.
Less perfection . . . and more delight.

And plenty of twinkle lights, too!


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I'm struggling with this this year, maybe because it doesn't look like either of the kids will be here, or I just can't let go of expectations? Thank you for your timely words that I'm taking to heart. Here's to fewer expectations and more meaning and gratitude.


Great list. Especially love - less perfection and more delight


And less frenzy...more fun. I've worked hard over the last couple of years to decrease the material and increase the time spent. I've also consciously worked to find joy and be joyful. It's a work in progress!!


I'm totally with you on this! I'm working on less busy and more fun myself!


I am with you on your list, that is what we are hoping this December will be filled with too!


I agree, your suggestions will make for a more relaxed and meaningful time. Hope you can slow down and enjoy time spent in quiet or with family & friends.


Oh my goodness, that tree is PERFECT!!

Kim in Oregon

I love this. Copying from you if that is ok!


Excellent list. Usually by now I would be somewhat stressed (no tree yet, have not started any baking, full weekend plans ahead, etc., etc.). This year I am just enjoying each and every day and staying calm. It's a wonderful change.


Perfectly put, Kym!! I've twinkle lights all over the place!


...but all that sounds "perfect" to me! bring on the twinkle and all the merry!


Less IS More! Your formula was put to test for me these first 10 days in December...and clearly the message was brought home. Less IS more...and I am A-OK with that... in fact, lovin' it! TBC...


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