Sometimes Mondays
Knitting as Meditation

Flowing on in to December

"Christmas can't be bought from a store . . .
Maybe Christmas means a little bit more."


So . . . my November was all about gratitude.  

I loved that.  It was grounding for me -- to be intententional about giving thanks and acknowledging the good in my world.

Now, though, we've flipped the calendar to December.


And, yeah.  I know that December is the "month of giving" and all.  But . . . it's also the month of crazy.  

And shopping.

And promotion.

And expectations . . . for creating that "perfect" holiday.

I'm trying to work out how to keep that gratitude-frame-of-mind I so carefully crafted in November . . . flowing on into December. 

For me, this holiday, it's going to be about:

Less expectation . . . and more gratitude.
Less frenzy . . . and more fun.
Less busy . . . and more reflection.
Less obligation . . . and more meaning.
Less perfection . . . and more delight.

And plenty of twinkle lights, too!