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A Few of My Favorite Things . . . Three, in Fact

My holiday decorating is complete.  I sorted and shifted and unpacked stuff earlier this week -- figuring out which things sparked joy, and which things just felt like obligation or expectation.  What emerged is holiday décor "lite."  My house looks bright and festive -- but a bit more low key than some years in the past.

This year, I'm relying heavily on twinkle lights, poinsettias, and branches cut from evergreens in my garden.  No tree - or at least . . . no big Christmas tree in the traditional sense.  And no ornaments.  Just a few of my favorite things.  Here's a peek at three of them:


1 - I have several Swedish advent candle holders, and I love setting them up each year with my little collection of jultomte (Christmas gnomes).


2 - I love this little Santa.  I've had him for years and years and years -- and I recall spending a bit too much on him way back when I first brought him home.  It turned out to be worth it, though, as he has brought me joy every year since.


3 - And these stockings were just too perfect to pass up when I found them a few years ago.  They're a definite favorite! It always makes me smile to see them hanging from the mantel.  (And the dogs like them, too.)

How about you?  What are your favorite holiday decorations?


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This is such a happy, Christmas-y post! I think your house must seem very festive. :-)


I can see why these are favorites! I haven't decorated yet, beyond two glitter-free poinsettias, but I'm "pre-decorating". Thinking about if we really need/want a tree, what I really do want to put out, and what makes me happy to see. The good news is that the tree guys are here to trim my neighbor's pine tree, so I'm going to have plenty of greens!


Oh, man, those stockings!! Some of my favorite decorations are vintage ornaments (some handmade), ornaments that the kids have made (in grade school & otherwise), and things that I've made -- stockings, tree skirt... more ornaments!


So pretty! I love using fresh greens (often cut from our Christmas tree) on our buffet. I have a birch log that Fletch put holes in for two candles - that is one of my most favorite things to bring out. I also love the old ornaments we have - from my childhood - some bought and some home-made - and also the things that Colin made when in school. Oh, and we always put a red cardinal at the top of our tree. Each year I seem to bring out less and less though and I'm enjoying that.


I love your favorite things! Cute cute! I have a gardening santa that my kids got me several dozen years ago - he tops my list.

Jeannie Gray

Love the HO Santa! :) Our house always starts out with low-key decorations and slowly gets blinged up throughout the month. I Love the sparse twinkle lights and a few candles look but I also love our bling.


Oh boy do I love those stockings! (Just had an auditor from Stryker - Portage in here.) My favorite ornaments without a doubt are little red and green dolls-that-are-bells from my grandmother's house. First ones up every year.


I love the Gnomes! I have a gnome tree topper, but I haven't put a tree up in several years. :)


Those stocking are wonderful!


Your favorite things are perfectly you! I have several tall, skinny wooden Santas, a few of my own needlepoint Santas (only my favorites), and twinkle lights everywhere. We're feeling festive!


everything is beautiful, Kym! it all looks so warm, cozy and inviting! making peace with decorating (or not!!) has been a big part of my better feelings about December, for sure.


Twinkle lights are definitely my favorite and the battery operated ones on copper wire are just fantastic for putting lights on things we couldn't before, like a garland around the dining room chandelier or in a cranberry crate full of vintage ornaments or on a wreath that's hung on the old window from my attic. I put my Swedish stuff on the kitchen windowsill and I love seeing God Jul every time I walk into the room and my Dala horses enjoy being in the limelight! I did something new with the mantle this year and I love it - tall glittery paper trees and candles on stands.


The tree---this year, we went plain lights...and I have a few assorted ornaments and things I have placed strategically around. More in a few days...


I made a couple needlepoint nutcrackers men back in my needlepointing days. They make me amazed that I actually did that.

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