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With Gratitude


"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like
wrapping a present and not giving it."

                                                                                    -- William Arthur Ward



I know that many of us are busy  this month . . . paying attention to gratitude and putting together daily "gratitude lists."  Creating these daily lists is a great way to notice - and write down -  things in our everyday lives that we might otherwise take for granted.  In fact, gratitude lists are beneficial in helping us develop healthier, happier, more meaningful lives.

Want to take your gratitude journey even further?  Here are three more simple things you can do to practice gratitude this month:

1 -- Give one compliment every day -- either to a person directly, or by sharing your appreciation for something.  ("That's a great scarf!"  or "What a beautiful view!")

2 -- Vow not to complain, criticize, or gossip for a week.  Once you break the habit, you'll find more positive energy in your life.

3 -- Sound genuinely happy when people call you on the phone, or when you meet them face to face.  Other people feel valued when you greet them positively.


Today's post is part of Three on Thursday.  To read more lists, be sure to check in over at Carole's!



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The first one is easy, I think I do the third one fairly often, but the second one is going to be a tough row to hoe for me. I'm not much of a gossip, but struggle with complaints and criticism, most often in my own head and not expressed verbally (but they are still there). Lots of work to do here! I hope AC is amazingly wonderful!


I made a personal vow last year to myself to say something nice to at least one stranger every day - because I generally spend all of my time thinking of terrible things that could befall anyone who annoys me. And I have to say, when I can tell that someone is genuinely happy or surprised at what I've said to them, it's a really great feeling.

The others are things I regularly try doing, and most of the time it works pretty well. But I do have to spend at least one minute a day complaining about something, to keep my sense of self-identity ... ;-)


I think I'm good with one and three but two is a work in progress. Always good to be reminded to think before speaking! xo


I am always working on number two. It is so easy to get caught up in negative talk and gossip, even just listening to it brings me down!


Let's see No. 1 & 3 check. No.2 is a tough one. Gossiping, I don't engage in much, but the other two could use some work.


Great advice, and sometimes so hard to follow. Thank you for a clear reminder to avoid the traps and stay in the gratitude zone! XO


The second one is very hard for almost everyone. My own worst critic is in my head. I see many people agree that #2 takes work. I hope you're having the time of your life!!! xo


You've given me a great challenge in #2! I will try it (and maybe get some colleagues and students to join in).


Great tips, Kym - thank you! #2 is my favorite. And I need to add in "not nag" - 34th anniversary )coming up next weekend) might be the perfect opportunity to try it ... for longer than a week!

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