Practicing Gratitude: Thanksgiving
Look Up (and then Look Down)

Not Cooking Today


(I'll just go ahead and admit it:  My first thought this morning when I woke up was gratitude -- that I didn't have to cook anything today.)

We had a lovely, low-key day yesterday.  Here's a quick peek at our Thanksgiving . . . 


The weather was perfect -- cold and clear.  Erin and I and the J-pups "justitied our pie" with a long morning walk.


Cooking went smoothly -- especially with the Turkey Patrol on duty and standing guard.


The food was great. . . 


and the banter lively (if you look closely, you can see Tom's hand reaching in to swipe one of the sugared cranberries on Erin's pie).


Although we missed having Brian and Lauren with us (and, of course, we missed my mom), it was a good day to be together to share our meal and have some fun together.


Jenny remained ever hopeful as she hung around the table . . . 


Jenny keeps her eyes right on the prize, alright. All. The. Time.  JoJo's hopeful approach is to just circle the table, and my dad's little dog Charlie just hangs out underneath.  Waiting.  (I'm happy to report that the payoff was worth it for all three dogs.  Plenty of turkey all around.)


After dinner we played Texas Hold'em.  (And I'll just say this:  Keith was the big winner, Tom is one smooth operator, and Erin bets recklessly.)  Fun for all of us.

I hope your day was lovely, too.


Just for fun . . . 

Brian and Lauren spent their first Thanksgiving on their own in Boulder.  They didn't want to tackle a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but decided to just make some of their own favorite foods.  Lauren made pierogies for the first time -- and Brian made Reuben sandwiches . . . on home-baked marbled rye bread.  Now, Brian has never made bread before -- but I'd say he was more than up to the task!  I think it looks terrific.  (Here's one of the photos he sent me.)


And if I ever decide to go non-traditional for Thanksgiving, I think this looks like a perfect menu!




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Thanks for sharing the pics...every "body," including the pups had a fun and grand Thanksgiving. The non-traditional meal looks really good!


Your Thanksgiving looks both delicious and fun (I love Tom's shirt)! And I think Brian and Lauren may really be on to something with their meal! Their bread and pierogies look wonderful, and I am seriously considering copying them for Thanksgiving next year - so much better than turkey!


Looks and sounds like a great day for all of you. Brian and Lauren are starting some great traditions of their own!


Those pierogies and and that Reuben look mighty delicious! But, I am with you in the "not cooking" category today! XO


Brian and Laurel win the Thanksgiving Dinner prize! WOW! Glad to hear they both had first timers luck on their side! I've had pie three times today--just because I can! LOL


Wow!! What a great day... ours was pretty low-key, too. But so wonderful.

I love Erin's hair. Brian's bread looks AMAZING!! And pierogies?? Really? I'm impressed.


Thanksgiving Chez Kym looks amazing! (and I'm now a huge fan of non-traditional - it's fun and way easier!)


Thankfulness is so important. You have been a great example of it on this Thanksgiving. And I. too, always love Erin's haircuts.


Just wow. I've been contemplating tackling bread and I think Brian may have just sent me over the edge! And really...pierogies...yummm.

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