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This week is turning out to be a bit moody-broody, weather-wise . . . 


But, hey!  It's Friday!  (And look how green our grass is. . . Now.  In November.)  Let's TGIF, shall we?


T - Thinking About 

I've been thinking a lot about sewing lately.  Although I rarely blog about it (mostly because I just don't do it much these days), I know my way around a sewing machine.  There was a time when I sewed most all of my own clothes; when I pored over fashion magazines and copied what I liked for myself; when I sewed curtains and cushions and even bedspreads; when I sewed costumes and Easter dresses and matching Christmas jammies for my kids.  Heck . . . once I even sewed Tom a custom fishing vest!  Now, most of my sewing is done by hand -- when I indulge in some slow stitching à la Alabama Chanin.

I've been thinking about sewing - and Alabama Chanin - lately . . . because (oh.my.goodness. I can't even believe I'm going to type these words) I'll be headed down to Florence, AL next week.  To go to a 3-day Alabama Chanin workshop.  Right there at The Factory.  And . . . (this is the best part) . . . I'll be going with Vicki!!!  (We've had this planned for well over a year now, but we haven't dared blog about it.  Because so far off.  And pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming.)

But here we are.  We leave next week on Tuesday (make that Wednesday)  (Thanks, Vicki!).  And I am THINKING about it . . . all. the. time.  (So much so that I can't even keep track of my own travel plans apparently!)


G - Grateful For

I am so grateful that, when I was 5, my Great-Grandma Strom pulled me (the oldest of the grandchildren) aside from all the cousins at some family gathering and asked me, "Would you like to learn to sew?"  YES!  YES!  I was so eager!  She patiently showed me how to thread a needle and make careful running stitches that spelled out my name.  She didn't even get irritated when we discovered I had stitched my work right to my skirt!  She just cut it off, and helped me start again.  That first lesson turned me into a life-long stitcher, and I will be forever grateful.


I - Inspired By (or maybe we should say Intimidated By. . . )

Okay.  So visions-of-sugarplums are dancing in my head about this whole Alabama Chanin thing.  I am so inspired!  But also . . . so intimidated!  Holy cow. . . Alabama Chanin.  It's like my stitching mecca.  We get to try on all the things.  We get to choose a thing to make.  They will coach us and teach us and show us and inspire us.  It's like getting a back stage pass . . . to meet the Rock Stars of the stitching world.  (I hope I don't throw up.)


F - Fun

Right.  I think THAT will be a given!

TGIF, everyone.


Don't forget to check back over the weekend.  NaBloPoMo means never having a day off!




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OMG. I *love* that story about your Great Grandma teaching you to sew... but especially the part where you sewed your project to your dress!! <3 She must have been something.

I am all atingle, I tell you, and I just can't wait... we've waited & dreamed about this for so long. But, um, I'm leaving on WEDNESDAY!! ;)

See you in Nashville!! ALABAMA CHANIN OR BUST!


This is incredible and I'm thrilled for you and Vicki! I understand feeling intimidated, but I bet that this will be like learning from your patient Great Grandma, nurturing and encouraging your creativity. I also bet that Great Grandma and AC were/are proud and happy to share their knowledge, skills, and welcome you into the fold. This is going to be amazing!


Oh, how wonderful for you & Vicki, I bet you will have an amazing time! I really enjoyed reading about your Great Grandma and I love the connection we have with the women of previous generations. I was fortunate to have both of my grandmothers teach me sewing, needlework, and knitting.


This is the best! YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT TIME! My Mom introduced me to the sewing machine (and those Singer sewing shop lessons!) I really enjoy it but it doesn't come out very often!


HOW WONDERFUL! I am so excited for you and Vicki!! (And a bit envious, too.) Is your brown/red project for the retreat? It's a lovely combo. I want to know more. I want to know all about your experience!


Oh wow! SO excited for both you and Vicki! Can't wait to see what you two make. I am sure it will be gorgeous. And what fun to go together.




This is such awesome news! You and Vicki are going to have the best time together and I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to hear all about of your Alabama shenanigans!


Enjoy! I can't wait to hear all about it. :-)


I think you two will have the most amazing time! Imagine - you stitching rock stars stitching with stitching rock stars! And, I LOVE your stitching story with your Great-grandma! That is just the best! Happy Friday! XO


Oh my,my! I know how your excitement feels - exactly my feelings when I plan and leave for Sisters OR. I will look forward to your blog posts and everything...in Gee's Bend Alabama live some of my fave. quilters - the Gees' Bend Quilters.
Love your story about your first stitching experience...what fun. And i"m glad you've got your day straight - but I understand how excitement will do that.
Til tomorrow,


You and Vicki will have SO MUCH FUN! (I am jealous.)(I just posted this exact comment, with names reversed, over at Vicki's.)


oh WOW!!! What a treat ... and I'm so glad we'll get to enjoy the whole thing vicariously! (I'm sure you won't throw up ... and I know you're going to have a fabulous time!)


Oh my! How wonderful to keep up with a craft that goes generations. I am so enviously your talent and trip.
I've been at The Factory in Florence, the sewn items are so creative and visually exciting. (The food is good too, creatively presented and tasty too.)
Nashville has gotten more cosmopolitan in the last 30 years since I've lived in the area, though it still has that down-to-home feeling. When you drive by lower Tennessee give a wave, that's where I live. The fall colors are finally coming around.
Have a wonderful time!

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