Three Tourist-y Things
Look Up



Here's one last look at Alabama (oops -- there actually might be one more, later in this post).


I can't stress how cool it was to be driving along country roads in Alabama and just . . . suddenly spy a cotton field.  I know that it's no different, really, than finding corn fields in the Midwest, but it's all relative, and for this northern girl, it was a delight!  On our drive back to Nashville, Vicki and I pulled over on one of these country roads to get a closer look at the cotton and take a few photos.  (I can just imagine the folks in the nearby farmhouse . . . "Dwayne, would you look at that?  Folks have stopped to take pictures of our damn cotton again. Northerners. . . ")

Anyway.  Let's TGIF.

T - Thinking About


Thanksgiving!  I've gathered all my recipes, and I'm making my lists.  It's time to get organized!

G - Grateful For


I am so grateful for my grand adventure last week, but after returning home mid-week to a couple of action-packed days, I am grateful for a (relatively) quiet weekend . . . so I can do a bit of digging out and get myself on track for the holidays.  (And I have quite a pile of . . . stuff . . . to work my way through.)

I - Inspired By


Yeah.  You guessed it.  I am inspired to MAKE ALL THE THINGS again.  I want to stitch and knit and sew and and try new things and touch all the fiber!  That Alabama Chanin workshop was just what I needed in the fiber-inspiration-department.  (I even decided to forgo my regular watercolor class next semester and sign up for rug hooking instead.  So stay tuned.)

F - Fun


These two show up tomorrow!  They'll be visiting all next week (an extended visit as part of their Farewell Tour before they head to San Jose in January), and it will be great fun to have them around.

TGIF, everyone!



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Happy Friday - I borrowed your TGIF prompt today. Enjoy your kids


I've ALWAYS wanted to do rug hooking! Wishing you a great weekend and wonderful week ahead. The good part about our kids that move around...we get fabulous places to vacation! xoxo


Hope you have a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving weekend! I would love to learn rug hooking, I bet you'll enjoy the classes!


You did!?!?? That's so cool. I can't wait to see what you'll be hookin'.
Have a terrific week with Erin & Keith!


The cotton field looks exotic as I have never seen one "in person". Years ago I did some rug hooking and loved the finished product! It's an amazing craft. I have been inspired BY your trip, too! My AC t-shirt is almost stitched and I've been thinking what to do about the leaves and how to denote veins. Now I know!!


You can’t help it—a field of cotton is just so compelling if you come from the land of corn, wheat and sorghum . Another awesome field is sunflowers and their faces following the sunshine. Enjoy your weekend with the beautiful twosome!


I love the cotton fields, Dwayne and Mabel (that's Dwayne's wife), and the fact that I will have a hooker friend. I hope I can get Dionne Warwick asking if I know the way to San Jose out of head now, but I'm glad you'll have an extended visit with Erin and Keith. Happy digging and organizing!


Oh have fun with Erin & Keith visiting. And, I'm guessing there will be visits to San Jose in your future? Your and Vicki's recent trip has gotten me thinking of sewing again (and I can't stop thinking...but there are other things that need to be done first). The rose and brown above is so beautiful. And rug hooking!! My grandmother did that and I've toyed with the idea of trying...will be curious to see what you do. Fun ahead for sure!


Have fun with Erin and Keith! And, may your Thanksgiving be simple enough for you to "make and touch all the things"!! XO


I bet you'll have loads of fun with Erin and Keith. I predict beer drinking photos! Enjoy your Thanksgiving prep and the excitement of learning new skills!


I think your TGIF post, including all the stuff in the mail to deal with, is spot on...especially the wonderful visit with the newlyweds - they do look blissfully happy. Do enjoy!

I also find that attending a weeklong class on stitching makes you just want to do all things stitchin.' Enjoy your rug hooking class...


That photo of the cotton fields made me smile ... and woohoo! for having Erin and Keith for a week!!!

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