Practicing Gratitude: Gifting with a Side of Poetry
Hello, December!

Practicing Gratitude: Three Final Things


"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."
                                        ---Gilbert K. Chesterton


And . . . just like that . . . November draws to a close.  As I wrap up the month and pack away these NaBloPoMo blog posts, let me just offer these final three things I'm grateful for:

  • Thank you all for being here every day. 
  • Thank you for joining the conversation with your comments.
  • Thank you for creating this rich virtual community.  When I first dipped my toe into the blogging world, I had no idea how much you all would come to mean to me.  Thank you, my friends.

Now that NaBloPoMo is finished for another year, I'll be returning to a more regular M-F posting schedule (for the most part).  Which means . . . I'll be back tomorrow!


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Congratulations on a successful NaBloPoMo; I've enjoyed your thoughtful posts, as always! I'm always amazed by the acceptance, friendship, caring, and creativity shown in this lovely community, and am grateful for both the community and the people who make it every day.


I always hate the end of November and the end of all these wonderful daily posts filling up my Feedly every day. I do appreciate all you bloggers SO MUCH. Thanks.


I've really enjoyed this month, and reading everyone's posts. It's nice to feel like you have someone to "talk" to each day. :-)


Thank YOU for being here every day too!


Thank you for this month of beautiful posts... posts that made me stop, think, meditate, and journal. I am blessed to have met you through this wonderful community we share! XO


Thank-you for bringing it every day Kym. This month brought so many great opportunities to think and encouragement to do. You're a pretty special person! xoxo


The end of November & NaBloPoMo is always a little melancholy! It's been a joy to read your posts everyday -- and to hang out with you for a few of them, too!!


Congratulations and thank you! I enjoy reading your posts!


You did a wonderful job with posting every day - I found your posts entertaining and full of YOU which, to me is just perfect.


My sentiments exactly as you and all your readers have expressed! T'is been a most enjoyable 30 days. See you tomorrow!


Here, here to the community!! The reward of being here, of posting, reading, and commenting is people like you! This is a very rich and welcoming world. You put so much into your posts all month, to guide and teach, to give and encourage. Thank you, Kym!! LOVE YOU!


Thank YOU Kym! I've enjoyed reading all your posts this month (and prior months as well...). Looking forward to what you have to say/what you bring to us in the months ahead.


Awww...your comments and appreciation for your readers is so sweet. And your posts are always such a nice blend of elements. Thank you for your diligence in blogging!

Julia in KW

...and I am grateful for your blogging, even though I am generally silent in the conversation, I enjoy being here to read what is going on in your world! Thank you!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Agree, agree and agree! Thanks you for posting all year round.


Thank you for working hard to post every day this month. It was a pleasure to read!


This year's quotes were just the best, Kym! Thank you for your inspiration.


Thank you, Kym, for sharing 30 beautiful days! I hope to be back to a more regular reading schedule myself ... and really enjoyed taking a full-on break from blog-land yesterday!

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