Sundays are for Poetry

Look Up


Yesterday, we enjoyed a few hours of sunshine -- a rarity these past weeks of grey and gloom and rain.


Today we are back to the grey, gloom, and rain. . . but it was glorious to look up and see blue sky and sunshine as a backdrop for the still-turning leaves yesterday.

Tom and I are busy this morning, working to put the garden to rest (at least a little) before the rains begin again this afternoon.  

Enjoy your Saturday -- and don't forget to look up!




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Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I love the sun coming through the rust and orange leaves-there's so few days a year to see that sight! Hope you get more sunshine this weekend-!


I love your stained-glass leaves!


The sun on the leaves is very like a stained glass! We've had such a lovely autumn, but today marks a change in temperature and rain is forecast. Ah, autumn, I love you so.


Beautiful!! It's drippy & dreary here today ~


I know, those sun days are precious this time of year! I hope your garden was easy to put to bed!


I was on our town common this morning and I looked up through the leaves to a super blue sky, it was beautiful.


Rain's comin' this way (east) too...
Yours is a lovely capture of fall's glory.


Blue skies and sunshine always make me smile - love the colors you captured! ...and what a treat to have blog posts to read through the weekend!


That photo is PERFECTION.

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