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Look Up (and then Look Down)


Every year after we eat Thanksgiving dinner, we head out to our patio and take family photos.  I think the process started when my kids were small, and I was hoping for a good Christmas card shot.  Whatever the origin, it's a tradition that remains today -- and everyone humors me and willingly heads out back for photos.

Through the years, we've had our Thanksgiving photo shoot in all kinds of weather -- wind, snow, biting cold, melting slush, you name it.  But there is one thing we've never had in our Thanksgiving photos . . .


 -- it's fall color as a backdrop.

Yes -- look up!  While most of the trees are bare now, as you can see . . . some are still hanging on.  And colorfully, at that!  (It has been a strange season in terms of fall leaf color and drop.)

As if that weren't strange enough, let's look down now.


Yeah.  Those are daffodil bulbs.  It was warm enough yesterday that I could (finally) finish getting my spring bulbs in the ground.  That is . . . the air was warm enough AND the ground was warm enough to dig comfortably and easily.

At the end of November.

After Thanksgiving. 


I ended up lugging my bags of daffodil, crocus, and grape hyacinth bulbs all around the yard yesterday -- planting with abandon. I also put in a flat of sedum.  And started worrying about the weeds -- which are still going strong out there.

Usually, this is my time to rest and not be actively gardening.  But I'm thinking my garden-time might be expanding.

I surely never thought my nails would look like this . . . 


after an afternoon in the garden . . . in NOVEMBER.



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What a lovely day! I never did get bulbs planted this year. Need to put it on my list for next year. Love those garden nails.


There is no denying climate change, no matter how much the nay-sayer's want to!


We have spent more time outdoors, in the garden or on walks, than any other November I can remember. Our trees are bare, but yours hung on long enough to give you a lovely gold backdrop for your family photos! How wonderful!


I never even got around to ordering bulbs this year and these past few days have been perfect weather for planting bulbs. You will enjoy it all next spring!


Wow! Great photos, and I am glad you got to plant bulbs, but this weather is weird enough to feel ominously concerning to me.


Wow, Kym - I thought you had snow??!! But these views are much better - and what a wonderful post-Thanksgiving "manicure"!


Those nails are terrific! Long story short...Doug said too cold to dig trench for fence lights. Arrived home from Small Bus Sat and fence lights were lit! Warm ground is good. XOXO


Maybe it's the season, but my first glance at those daffodil bulbs - before embiggening - made me wonder what all those champagne bottles were doing down there. Adorable picture of Erin and Keith!


Our leaves are weird this year, too. A lot are brown and dried up but they are still clinging to the trees even though we've had some very windy days. Good for you for planting those bulbs!


Agree that this has been a weird Fall - every time I think it's over, it isn't...and I'm not complaining. Glad you got your spring garden planted...looking forward to the fruits of your labors...Lovely photo of the newlyweds.

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