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Like Clockwork


It's happened in some form or another for 25 years now on Thanksgiving weekend . . .


Some years have included much hilarity and laughter, while others have featured drama and even a visit from paramedics.  Whatever the case, we have a lot of fun.  (Well.  Except for that year with the paramedics.)

We've been doing it for so long now . . . that baking, building, and decorating gingerbread houses together has provided a special set of memories for us.  It's great to be able to unpack that box together each year.

Plus . . . we get charming little gingerbread houses to add to our holiday décor!


Like clockwork!


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We used to do cookie decorating parties but never tackled a whole house. Love traditions like this


We also decorated gingerbread houses when the boys lived at home, but ours never looked as neat or charming as yours. I think maybe boys have a different approach to decorating! (We might need the paramedic story some day ... )


Both of those roofs are so fabulous! I've never decorated a gingerbread house...maybe if there are little ones around in the future we may have to tackle that! (But I'm getting wayyyyyy ahead of myself here!)


You've inspired us to add this to our Thanksmas day next year. I'll be trolling for tips when it's time! And, no collapsed roofs this year??!!


ADORABLE!! I love how they turned out! Excellent piping, and that peppermint bark roof with peppermint "snow" is so great!


I just love this and I'm thrilled that this tradition is continuing!


So cute! I love them!


What fun! And they look yummy. Just think down the road a bit when there are grands!!!



Such a wonderful tradition, Kym - I look forward to the photos ... it must be really fun in person - and whoa, yeah, with little ones ... oh my!!


This was a thing when my son was young, that we did together. A simpler form more of a 'fort' but all the frosting and candies and using graham crackers to save time and who can tell when it's done. When my son and daughter-in-law came to our new house for Christmas the first time, I had told my husband ahead of time that I wanted to do a gingerbread house like we had when my son was young. My husband said, "You know he might not want to do that any more." Well, he might have a point, so gingerly in the ride home from the airport I suggested, that maybe we could make a gingerbread house. My daughter-in-law piped up, "Mike, told me how much fun you guys used to have doing that." Done Deal! And we did have fun.
They are headed here for Christmas this year. Guess what is on the activity plan. lol
We are going to try wrapping the gingerbread around small glass jars before baking. Something I saw on line. You end up with a village of small hobbit-ish house containers. You make pointing hat like roofs. :)


And Thank you for all your lovely posts.

Brian Pittman

Soo cute! I love them. Looking adorable.


It's become a tradition to see your creations every year! You two go all out with the candies and the tiny village looks so festive (and tasty!)!

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