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It is so much fun for me (us all I imagine) to watch you and Vicki in your adventure of “slow sewing” in this day of quick and fast. Thanks for all the views and thoughts.
Please, do keep on!


I'm so grateful you're taking time to share this most excellent adventure with us. I hope you can sew straight with all the excitement!


OMB!! How exciting. To touch the clothes, to see the garments, to decide just what you really want to sew, that would be amazing! Looking forward to more, Kym!!


Breathe in that creative air and soak it all in. I am so thrilled for both of you! May your thread be well loved today!


Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooo! Have a wonderful day!


Have Fun! :)


What a treat! I know exactly how you feel...the euphoria is incredible and will last a loooong time. Enjoy! Enjoy!


I'm so glad you and Vicki are giving us all the inside scoop! (and Mason-Dixon just posted about Natalie Chanin's new book ... because of you and Vicki, I actually CLICKED the link to check it out!!)


What a fun adventure!

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