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Still Hanging In There: A Three on Thursday Post

Unraveling on a Wednesday

Knitting continues to be kind of sporadic around here.  I mean . . . I knit a little nearly every day, but most days it's very little.  There are so many other things to do!  

I'm still busy out in the garden, for example.  Because the weather still allows it -- and there really is no frost in sight at this point.  So, hey!  Let's do some transplanting, huh?  And let's use those "bonus rocks" (from the re-built retaining wall) to create the garden border I've always wanted.  And while we're at it, let's get a head start on moving the garden path before winter!  (So full of ideas. . . )


(I suppose someday winter will just . . . arrive.  And catch me off guard.  But for now?  Dig in!)

All of that . . . prelude . . . should serve as a warning that I've got nothin' much to share with you in the unraveled department this week.  Just another shot of my slightly-longer arrows project.


As for reading, I just finished listening to Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo.  (The audio version is wonderful because the narrator's Nigerian accent just adds to the reading experience.)  I'd been waiting for that one on Overdrive for months and months, so I had to put my current Audible read - Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss - on temporary hold (because I can listen anytime. . . ).  I'm not sure I'll get back to it anytime soon, though, because I can see I'm next-in-line for another Overdrive audiobook!  (Deadlines always win.)

And then this arrived yesterday . . . 


When I first heard that a new Mary Oliver poetry anthology would be available this fall, I thought I'd put it on my Christmas wish list this year.  But then, as summer progressed, I decided I need Mary Oliver and I need her NOW.  So I pre-ordered.  It arrived yesterday and I am thrilled!

How about YOU?  What are you knitting working on and reading?


Check in with the rest of the "unravelers" over at Kat's!


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Today I head to the LBS to pick up my copy of Devotions! Can't wait. I had to stop listening to Dark Forest too. I spent the weekend immersed in Jewish ritual and understand why she had to write this book, but not sure it is one for me. LOVE your Arrow and the garden is looking so beautiful!

Helen B

Your arrow project is coming along nicely, it looks a lot of work!


I started reading Solar Bones yesterday and although I'm not that far into the book, I'm really enjoying it. I don't find any difficulty with the structure (the whole thing is one sentence) and am reading it kind of like I read poetry...there is a lyrical quality to it at times. I hope I continue to enjoy reading it. Your garden and your shawl look great!


Arrows looks quite a bit bigger to me and so interesting! I love bonus rocks and there is just something about the process of hauling rocks around that does a person good. I also love your gray and blue pots and Devotions. Happy reading, savoring, and knitting (no matter how much you do)!


I haven't knit in days and days! I haven't read in days and days! I am listening to A Good Hard Look (from Mary's reading) and enjoying it. A big story, lots of characters. I LOVE your arrows. I happened to have bought a Smart Wool scarf today that made me think of you. Lots of color! xo


I'm reading Forest Dark right now. It's ok, so far. Not History of Love, that's for sure. I haven't read Days without End because I own it and therefore no deadline. Dale loved it, though. I'm knitting a hat for Jack, of course.

Jeannie Gray

Wow! Your Arrows is gorgeous! I wish I could get motivated to work in our yard. There's so much that needs to be done & I have absolutely no desire to actually get out there & do it.


I love Mary Oliver. Your garden is so pretty.


I'm so glad you're enjoying an extended garden season (and I see shoes without socks ... also good!) Thank you for reminding me about Mary Oliver's new book - I can put it on my birthday list :-)


ooo! That Mary Oliver book looks interesting! And, I am with you on the "next in line" at the library! I have been waiting for ages for some that are coming through now! I love your Arrow!


Your ARROWS project is FABULOUS!! I'm at the point where I have to think for a minute... and it's just too hard. :)


I read broadly and intensely for most of my life and now am happiest with lightness and humor. I'm ready for a rest, I guess. P.S. I am not a gardener but your last post has me thinking about sedum. Particularly if it can be potted. I like my meager gardening activities to be waist-high:). I love that knitting fills in the cracks even if it does nothing else, and you still can end up with something wonderful like your Arrows.

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