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Three on Thursday: The DIY Edition

Nearly Finished . . . and Needing Input

Okay . . . I know I'm really testing your limits here.

Because I'm going to show you Yet Another View of my arrows project.


This time, you'll notice the major portion of the knitting is finished (but it is not yet blocked, as evidenced by the candle-weights).

I've got to tell you . . . I have LOVED knitting this thing!  It's mindlessful.  It uses up stash yarn (but not as much as you'd think).  It allows for creativity.  It's FUN.  And it looks cool, too.

But I am at a critical juncture.

And maybe y'all can help.

Does it need a border?  (The pattern calls for attached i-cord or single crochet.  I'm thinking a NO on the attached i-cord because it seems too heavy, and besides . . . it would take forever.  But I could be on board with single crochet.)

And, if yes, what color?  (I could do a border using any of the yarns in the shawl -- or I could really shake things up and do something totally unexpected.)

I'm not convinced, though, that it needs a border.  (Because I slipped the first stitch at the beginning of each row, it is quite neat just the way it is.)

Here are separate view of each wing . . . just to help you make suggestions:



What do you think?
Border?  No border?  Color of border, if border?
(I'm also thinking . . .  tassels at each end . . . maybe with cool beads . . . Thoughts?)

Also, just to whet your appetites . . . 


(Something new to look forward to in future unraveled posts!)

As far as reading . . . I'm still struggling through the new Nicole Krauss novel, Forest Dark.  To all you fellow fans of Krauss' The History of Love . . . this one will not measure up.  In any way.  (And you will be disappointed.)  I also just finished The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life that Matters by Emily Esfahani Smith.  I found this one after watching the author's TED talk.  Good book!  Especially if you're interested in crafting a life that matters (which seems to be a theme of mine these days).


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My thoughts: yes on the border, maybe black (might be too dark), that maroonish-red, or the gray. I just think a border might finish it better, but since you did slip the first stitch and I'm not looking at it up close and personal, it may not really need one. (How's that for equivocation?) A definite yes on the tassels or beads. I've loved adding beads to the ends of my last two hitchhikers; they really finish them perfectly and weight the ends down just right. Looking forward to seeing what others think, seeing what you decide, and wondering what Vicki will do with her Arrows!


This shawl is so spectacular in it's wholesomeness, though when you wear it the view will be only a part, so I vote for a dark border. Simple, a bit of crochet and I do like the idea of tassels to help it stay in place.
It is such a great idea to use up the stash and that is the best feature, I think.
(Then talking about books I am finally finishing my "A Gentleman in Moscow". It deserves 4-5 stars but next I need something shorter - perhaps George Sander's "Tenth of December" stories to honor his achievements?)


I like your idea of tassels and beads, but it is hard to tell whether or not you need a border, if you do, I would suggest something simple with one of the darker colors. I'm sorry to hear about Forest Dark, it sounds so intriguing. I'm reading 4321 and enjoying it and moving right along with it, but I am not even near the halfway point, this is a very long book!


Does the shawl need to be stabilized along the borders? Will crocheting a border stop the scarf from stretching? Is that good? It would be hard for me to suggest what to do without feeling the fabric you've created. I love the idea of tassels and lots of bling.


I wouldn't add a border, but that's only because I seldom do something like that if a piece looks good once it's finished (my inherent laziness at work here). I'd be all about tassels and/or beads though, 'cause that is just fun!

It really looks great, I love the color combos.


I tend to lean toward the border...maybe the grey? I absolutely lean toward the tassels and or beads!


I love the almost southwestern feel of this shawl! Definitely a yes to th tassels and border. I would do a simple crochet border in the darkest color. Great project!


I don't think it needs a border, but a border would not be out of place. If you do go for a border, I would vote for more of the navy. Personally, I would nix the tassels, but that's just me. They would help it stay in place, as someone mentioned. In any case, I love your Arrows!


I think it's fine without a border unless you think it will roll or need a border for stability. If you do decide to go for the border I'd suggest dark grey and I LOVE the idea of tassels!

Linda Huson

I would nix tassels too - but that is me - I'm not a tassel or fringe type of person. But if you are, go for it!
As far as a border, I like it the way it is - but I think a border would also be nice - in a purple or an orange or a lime green! Yes, I said, lime green!

I remember loving The History of Love - but when I read about this new one of hers, I was like, nope, I'll pass...

Linda in VA

Cheryl S.

I would skip the border. When I looked at the projects on Ravelry that had borders, my eyes were always drawn to the border rather than to the main body of the shawl. I guess because it's a band of color that goes against the flow. But I like the idea of tassels. The braided ones on the main pattern page are cute.


Add me to the "yes on tassels" crowd. With beads. No bells ;-)


Wow! it looks great!! Adding my vote for the dark border/tassel combo - but it will be stunning no matter how you decide to finish.


So, I am going to toss a wrench in the mix... I say nay on crochet, but a huge YAY for an icord border. I do not think it will be heavy at all and will be a lovely frame for your arrows. Sorry to be such a against the crowder! Also, a huge yes on beads, or tassels!! And, I really LOVE how this turned out!


Well ...good luck on your decision ! Eager awaiting the Arrows project whatever you do!


If I add a border to mine, it will likely be black, and probably i-cord. But I also am uncertain!! Except for tassels... I immediately thought that tassels would be nice (and eat up SOME of the yarn that seems to have multiplied rather than diminish)!! For your border, if there was to be a border, I would maybe go with one of the lighter colors -- the soft green? Helpful much?? :)


Thanks for the book recommendation -- and for the warning.

I vote no border, but I am lazy and happy not to do extra fiddly work.


This is so gorgeous just the way it is! I would skip a border (another lazy soul here). And, I'm not usually into tassels or fringe, but I think tassels would be great on this (not huge) with the addition of some beads. I bet you get a lot of wear out of this. Congratulations on a beautiful project!

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