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Three Things: Art Prize Edition

On Tuesday, Tom and I headed to Grand Rapids for Art Prize.  (If you haven't heard about Art Prize, you can learn more about it here.  It is an awesome event celebrating art for all.) 

We saw so many cool things.  Three of my favorites:

1 - Oil + Water by Ryan Spencer Reed


The artist took the original photo at last year's Dakota Access Pipeline protest in North Dakota (Standing Rock).  This stunning work now looks like an oil slick . . . in the middle of the Grand River . . . with a powerful message about clean water, climate change, and the struggle for native rights.  Read more about this fascinating piece here.  

2 - SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers) by A+J Art+Design


This installation (also in the Grand River) make the connection between water -- and the people who cross it to find shelter, safety, freedom, and prosperity.  Tom counted 23 figures -- and, indeed, each one represents approximately one million refugees in the world today (22.5 million).  Read more about this powerful installation here.

3 - Enmesh by Leroi DeRubertis


This piece was actually my favorite of the day.  It's difficult to photograph, and even more difficult to describe!  Try to imagine . . . twisted wire "drawings" connected and hung from the ceiling in front of walls . . . moving and creating shadow images on the wall behind.  There was a wall of faces, a wall of hands and hearts, and a wall of full-body figures.  It was amazing!  Read more about the work here -- and be sure to watch the short video to see the installation in motion.

If you're ever in west Michigan during the three weeks of Art Prize, make sure you stop in Grand Rapids.  It's always worth the trip.


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