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Three on Thursday: The DIY Edition

Have you seen those adorable little succulent pumpkins popping up everywhere this fall?


I've been to two fall-themed "events" this past week, and both of them featured the little succulent-pumpkins as decor.  I took a close look . . . and then decided to make some for myself.  

You can, too!  Here's how . . . in three easy steps.


1 - Grab your materials!

small pumpkin
spray adhesive (not shown in photo above)
sphagnum moss (available at craft stores like Michaels)
assortment of succulents (I just snipped them from my garden; you can also pick them up at garden centers) (you just need leaves; no roots)
other fall flotsam and jetsam (milkweed pods, interesting seed heads, acorns, etc.)
non-water-soluble glue (I used tacky glue for my first attempt and a hot glue gun for my second; you just want it to hold when you get it wet)
spray bottle (for watering your finished project


2 - Attach things to the pumpkin!

First, use spray adhesive to attach a handful of sphagnum moss to the top of your pumpkin.  Next, using the tacky glue (or a hot glue gun), attach succulent parts to the sphagnum moss.  I started with some of the bigger pieces (the hen-and-chick flowerette, for example) and then filled in with some of the smaller leaves and stems.  Hold the pieces in place for a bit to make sure they adhere well.  I filled in with some sedum flowers after my succulents were in place, and I added a bit of fall flotsam (that's a milkweed pod in there) for interest.


3 - Spray it down with water!

When you're finished, just spritz the succulents with water.  You'll want to do this every couple of days.  If they're kept moist, the succulents will actually take root in the sphagnum moss.  When the pumpkin begins to rot, you can cut the top off (with the sphagnum moss and succulents intact), and just transfer the whole thing to a pot.  (Disclaimer: Theoretically, this should work, but I have not tried it yet.)



It took me about 30 minutes start-to-finish to put this little guy together.  The first one (shown at the beginning of the post) took a little longer because I didn't know what I was doing yet, and I used tacky glue (which took longer to set).  My hints:  less is more (don't crowd too much stuff onto the pumpkin); start with the bigger items and then balance it out with the smaller things; and use a glue gun if you have one (because quicker).

Try one!  They're so cute and festive - and really simple to do.


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What a fun project and great how-to post! Ah, if only I were cloned: so much to do...I may just give this a try...thinking...
IN the meantime, do enjoy yours!


So adorable! I've seen pictures of these and wondered how they were done!


That is adorable! I haven't seen these anywhere because I don't go to fancy events like you do, but I am tempted to make one!


So fun! I really need to buy some pumpkins or mums to get that fall color into my life


Beautiful! On Saturday morning, I took a class at my local/fave garden center where we did something similar with rooted succulents & I now have a fun arrangement in the crown of a pale green pumpkin sitting on my mantel. This is definitely a "repeat" DIY activity!


I haven't seen any of these, but they are nice...looks like a fun project!


Gorgeous! Nice take on Three on Thursday!


You are the best! So fun and creative...but right now...I got none of that! :-) xoxo


I haven't seen these either, but they are so darn cute! Now I need time (which I don't have...).


Oh how CUTE!! I hadn't seen anything like this...

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Love this! I am going to try it, I had no idea you could keep plant leaves alive in the sphagnum moss. I must go to the wrong places, I haven't seen anything like this except here on your blog :-)


WOW! This is fantastic! I wish I had a green thumb!


Now that is cute! AND easy! Thank you for giving me one more thing on my list, but this is a FUN THING! XO


We were talking about this at SnB and how cute it would look for the whole season. Thank you for the tutorial. Succulents must be the "in" plant as I see them EVERYWHERE!!


Thanks for the great decorating idea! Absolutely gorgeous for fall table decor, and your tutorial was just wonderful!! Gotta make one this weekend!


Thanks, Kym - I might actually do this! (and super fun ToT idea!)

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