Three on Thursday: The DIY Edition
Sometimes Mondays


This day . . . has nearly gotten away from me!  Quick!  TGIF before it's over!


T -- Thinking About

Yoga.  I am doing a lot of thinking about yoga (as in . . . driving Tom crazy with my thinking about yoga).  For a variety of reasons, it's time for me to find a new yoga gig.  But after 10 years, that's a hard move to make.  I'll work it out.  But for now, I'm thinking about it.  A lot.  (And happy to have my own home yoga space.)


G -- Grateful For

I've been procrastinating helping my dad with a few things at the Secretary of State's office (people living in other states may relate better if I call it the DMV).  He just needed to do an address change and change the title for his car.  Little things, sure.  But things that would take a whole afternoon, given the normal lines at the SOS office.  


I decided to try the new online advance appointment system recently introduced by the SOS.  Worked like a charm!  We were in and out in less than 15 minutes!  Front of the line!



I -- Inspired By

Still thinking about that border/not border on my arrows shawl, but definitely wanting to add beads and tassels.  Guess what I discovered?  Kalamazoo has a cool little bead shop!  I paid a visit earlier today, and WOW!  What a potential rabbit hole THAT place is . . .  The staff there was super friendly and helped me pick out and prepare some beads for my shawl.  I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to use them, but I certainly am inspired.


F -- Fun

Tom and I have a date tonight . . . with Mary Chapin Carpenter!  Can't wait.


TGIF!  Enjoy your weekend, everyone.



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Congrats on your two discoveries: the bead shop and the DMV online service...that's a gold mine! And good luck with your quest for a new YOGA gig... Do ENJOY your date night AND concert!


I’ve been thinking about yoga but not actually doing yoga- that needs to change


This is a great TGIF post! I love that first photo of the pumpkin and I'm thrilled that you guys got to see Mary Chapin Carpenter last night - I bet that was awesome! Love that ability to schedule your DMV visit. The MA RMV was a terrible place to go for ages and then the state hired a company to come in and overhaul the system and it's SO much better now. For instance, the first thing you do is go to a window where someone checks your paperwork and makes sure you have everything you need to have, eliminating sitting and waiting and then being sent away. Sounds like there's a story with the yoga change.


Good for you with your ideas - saving time at a DMV-equivalent has to be a game-changer!

There is a bead shop here, but fortunately (for me) it's on the other side of town, so I have to actually make a point to go there, or it would be a major slippery slope.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is one of my faves - I hope the concert was really enjoyable.


Beads! What fun!


Appointments with government entities makes life so much nicer! SSA does the same. MMC is a great show (it's been years) and I know you had a great time! You have so much potential in your hand. Looking forward to seeing what you kind of tinkling tassel you create!!

Cheryl S.

What a great way to handle appointments!

Also... I loved your pumpkin Haiku. It was one of my favorites.


Hope the rest of your weekend measured up! wonderful post ... and just as soon as I finish sharing about Alaska (which might be next year ;-) I am definitely going to borrow this idea.


I love the Secretary of State mobile update! That is brilliant!

And, those beads! I love them all! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

(And, I love your yoga space!) XO


Yay, technology... and the people/entities that embrace it!! Interested to see what happens with those beads...

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