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Still Hanging In There: A Three on Thursday Post

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm still actively working out in my garden.  Not with as much vigor and enthusiasm as in the spring, surely.  But I'm still out there every day.  Shifting and pruning and lamenting and, yes . . . celebrating.

This has been a tough year, weather-wise, for my garden.  Until just this week, we've been in a drought here in my area.  Pretty much no rain all season.  Our summer wasn't too bad heat-wise -- and, in fact, it was on the rather cool side.  Until mid-September.  And then all hell broke loose (as in hot as hell).

My entire garden fried.  The lush, green foliage looks like potato chips now.  Fall blooms lasted about 2 minutes in the heat.  If plants didn't wilt, they just shriveled.  It's been . . . Not Good.

Still.  Flowers are magical.  They continue to bring joy.  Here are three things blooming in my garden even now . . . after a really wacky weather growing season.

1 - Autumn Joy Sedum (now showing with potato chip hosta leaves in the background. . . )


Some of my gardening friends wrinkle their noses at my Autumn Joy sedum, considering it "too common" for their own gardens.  I say FOOEY!  It's hard to find a more hard-working plant in the fall garden.  It looks lovely for months -- and attracts bees and butterflies like crazy.  It even looks great in the winter, because it's dead seed-heads catch the frost and snow in delightful ways.  I'll never plant a garden without it.  

2 - Toad Lily


I was sure my toad lily wouldn't bloom this year.  Toad lilies are shade plants -- with the most delightful fall blooms ever.  They look so exotic and fussy.  But they're not . . . as long as you give them what they need:  shade and water.  I've been pushing the envelope in terms of shade with this little guy for a couple of years now -- ever since we chopped down the cherry tree (a black cherry that was split and dying and in danger of falling on the house).  But this year?  WAY too hot; WAY too dry.  (You can see the burned leaves in the picture.)   Still . . . I've got some blooms!  (And I have plans for a new tree to bring back some shade to this corner of my garden.)

3 - Rozanne Geranium


This plant is another of my "workhorse" plants.  It does a lot of heavy-lifting in my garden all season long.  Although this (kind of crappy) photo doesn't really show it, this plant is a mound about 3 feet across (yeah, this one is on my divide-and-transplant list) and FULL of blooms.  In fact, it starts blooming in May and never quits!  It's still blooming - and attracting bees - even now.  It winds in through neighboring plants and helps them look lovely, too.

Even though it's been a tough gardening season, I'm still enjoying some color and blooms out there - even in October.  


Today's post is part of Three on Thursdays.  Check in over at Carole's to read other Three on Thursday posts.


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I love Autumn Joy sedum (but am not quite sure why I don't have any). I can still picture the border my grandmother had of sedum and Russian sage - just beautiful! I'm glad your garden is still blooming in spite of the parched summer and approaching fall.


I too, just love sedum in the fall. And, you are so right - the bees and straggling butterflies love it! I have plans to put more in! And, that lily! Wow! Stunning blooms! I still have one straggling stem with 4 blooms on my Foxglove and my yarrow is still giving me some bits of color as well! Despite the dry, dry, dry summer.


Thanks for reminding me how much I love sedum Autumn Joy! I had it in my garden back in NY. Here, there is a different kind of sedum, not nearly as nice; replacing it with Autumn Joy is next on my garden list of things to do!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Your garden is amazing. I am thrilled to learn about toad lilys--I am going to give them a try for the parts of my (small) front yard that are now shady. I'm with you about the sedum. Gardening snobs are insufferable. One of my sons' friends' mom, who was pretentious as all get out, once sniffed at my "prosaic flower choices", as she called them, because I happen to like old fashioned colorful annuals. Ha!


I love that toad lily - I've never seen that before. I have a pinkish/purple geranium with very similar leaves that blooms only in the spring but I love yours that blooms right through the fall! Flowers are indeed magical.


Ha! I say FOOEY, too, to garden snobs! You love what you love! That toad lily is AMAZING!


I've got the sedum too and it's the only plant left standing as we cut everything else down already. (Busy October...) Thank-you for the intro to the toad lily! Doug is going to love this!


Gorgeous blooms...all 3 of them. The Toad Lily is amazing!


Lovely blossoms! I've never seen a toad lily--how fun!


Thank you, Kym - blooms are ALWAYS welcome! I pass a little Autumn Joy Sedum on each of my walks with Holly. I love the colors!


You do a very good job of creating a garden space that looks fantastic in all season, and in all conditions, negative or grand. Our garden is dry, the sky is smokey, leaves are falling, flowers have faded, but there is incredible beauty at every turn. Thank you for helping me notice even yellowed hosta leaves are magical.

kathy b

I have sedum and wild geranium too and they bundle well together in a hedge against our patio. I will look for toad lily bulbs. Great tip. I have shade! need fall flowers


I will have to add the toad lily to my garden next year-it's just gorgeous! I'm a big autumn joy sedum fan, too, and it seems to be bunny resistant in my garden-whoppeee! So tired of those cute bunnies doing so much damage-who knew that black-eyed susan's were on their 'favorite plant' list?


Your Toad Lily is the coolest thing! I've been searching for something for under our Catalpa tree. Just the opposite here this year with tons of rain. The mowing has been crazy.


I need that geranium. The hardy geraniums I have only bloom in May. To have one that would bloom all summer long would be fabulous! (Hardy geraniums ARE workhorses. The foliage is lovely, and they thrive here.)

Hoity-toity gardeners can sniff at Autumn Joy, but it makes me smile every time I see one.

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