Curb Appeal

Sometimes Mondays

. . . just feel so hopeless.


The news.

Horrible.  Overwhelming.  Relentless.  Piling on and on and on.  Day after day.

This morning, I stepped into my shoes and headed to the gym.  For kickboxing.  Punching.  Kicking.  Sweating.  Things I can control.  It helped.

Sometimes Mondays feel hopeless.  
That's when we need to dig even deeper.



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Here's hoping we can all regain some hope in the face of hopelessness, along with reason and sanity in the form of gun control.


If nothing else, the punching and kicking probably helped with the frustration.


I'm sad and frustrated, scared and angry. I hope you got some of your feelings out during your workout.


Just so sad, sad, sad. Every day another horror. It HAS to end.


Exactly what Vera said. Every. Damn. Day. XOXO


I'm sure it felt good to punch and kick -- and scream and yell! (That's what I would do.)


With a new horror or outrage nearly everyday, I am finding it more difficult not to slip into hopelessness. Like you, I began yesterday at the gym and kept busy with outdoor things all day. I felt a bit guilty because after hearing the news, I shut off the TV, radio, & stayed off FB for the rest of the day...I just couldn't stand to watch it over & over and listen to the endless analysis. Hoping and praying for some sanity when it comes to gun control..


So well said and captured how we all feel.


It's so hard to find words for the horror of humankind. Peace to you and to all of us.

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