Let's Go to the Movies!


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What a great idea. I might need to make a stop at the garden store for some new bulbs


I am listening the book "Yellow Crocus," and just this morning I heard them actually refer to the yellow crocus and springtime... and, I thought, is this a sign? MAYBE THIS IS MY YEAR!! :)


YOU are planting BULBS?!? I'm so proud of you!


May your soil be loose, your digging pleasurable, and your local deer, squirrels, and critters be uninterested in gnawing on your bulbs. (I might as well just put bulbs out like Halloween candy for my varmints; they find them irresistible.)


Smith picked up a few more crocus bulbs for me to plant out front, but sadly, I missed out on snowdrops. They will have to be in next years garden.

Kim Sheehan

I love Grape Hyacinths. They have pretty much naturalized all over our yard by now!


...and I'll be so happy come spring to see the fruits of your labors!


I have some species tulip bulbs waiting to go in the wilds above the rock retaining wall next to the driveway; also some blue allium for the garden. Hired helper has been busy with the leaves -- maybe this week the bulbs will go into the ground.


Looking forward to see it all spring up!


Those bulbs will be a gift this spring. Did you get them from White Flower farm?


Whoa! Prepping for spring already...of course. Time does fly when you're having rain here but grey all day. Tonight, perhaps.


Can you tell--I need to catch up with my reading! Thank you for the inspiration (especially the pumpkin with flowers piece, good luck finding a yogi place and whohoo on the dmv. I may have to lobby for a similar change at the Colorado DMV!


You have a beautiful Spring coming up. I think your rain might be here later tonight and tomorrow.


I have a few bulbs to plant also, but I am waiting a bit longer. Last year November and December were super warm. Good luck! XO

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