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Three Things: Art Prize Edition

Rain Delay

Late last night I finished the first of my arrow "wings."  Since it was already dark, I planned to take a photo this morning to use in today's post.

But.  Oh my goodness.  It finally RAINED here!  (First time in months.)

So, after a bit of a rain delay, here you go.


As for reading, this week I'm sticking with poetry . . . a bit of Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry to settle my soul.

How about you?  What are you stitching and reading this week?


Check out what other bloggers are knitting and reading over at Kat's.


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Two good things today -- rain and your beautiful and distinctive arrow! I love the colors you've chosen, how they look together, and look forward to seeing the other wing. Hooray for fun, lovely knitting and rain!


Yay for rain! and poetry... and soothing knits.... I really love the colors you're using and I must say, the pattern is very intriguing, too!


That's really cool looking, I love that combination of colors. I knit a lot at the hospital yesterday, it kept me calm.


Very've got such a great eye for color!


Yes, poetry. Wendell Berry here, too. Mary's new book will be published next week!! Your Arrows is going to be lovely. I agree with Patty!


Whoa, that is lovely! I love the colors you have used.


Wow, that is so cool! It looks like a lot of fun to knit. We're finally getting rain in Illinois too, but it is still uncomfortably warm and very humid. I've been calming my soul reading E. B. White On Dogs and I hope Wendell & Mary help you through these troubled times.


Oh, wow. I love your ARROW!! I am closing in on section 2 of the second wing... can't wait to finish. I am amazed at how much random yarn I pulled out for potential use in this project, and how much random yarn there still is! I could knit 10 of these and still have more. Haha (sob!).


Rain! Such a good excuse to settle into one's nest and read, knit, whatever.


The arrow is such a bright, vivid, fun piece...and poetry accompanied by rain: perfect!


I love the strong vibrant colors, too, and that broad, solid red stripe is still my favorite. I love how it contrasts against all the others.

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