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Only the Beginning


(And I'm not talking about NaBloPoMo, which does, indeed, begin today.)

I almost hate to even post this photo, but here we go . . . 


You see, I've only just gotten past the short row section of the neckline of this sweater.  Which means . . . I've got a whole lot more knitting to do here.  (In other words, you're going to get really sick really soon of seeing this sweater-in-progress.)

So we'll just move on to books.  

(But first, I do want to just mention that this is a really fabulous harvest-gold-y color of yarn -- Joyful from Briar Rose Fibers -- as lovely to knit with as it is to look at.)

Okay.  Back to books.

I'm still listening to The Weight of Ink, although way past the half-way point of this quite long book.  It's excellent, and I wish I could listen to it all day long.  I did take a bit of a break from it over the weekend to listen to Sebastian Barry's latest - Days Without End.  (Because Overdrive will Wait for No Reader!)  I really loved Days Without End.  In fact, I pretty much DID listen to it all day long.  In print, I'm still reading Lisette's List (which, although quite good, just can't hold a candle to either of the other two).  I must pick up my pace, though.  Because Overdrive.  And that Waiting-for-No-Reader thing.  Y'know?

How about YOU?  What are you reading?  And what are you raveling/unraveling these days?


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(And welcome to NaBloPoMo.)


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I am hoping to cast on a vest for our tiny person because I think I can get it finished in a month. My book list is long and I am stalled on what to read next but maybe I can ease into a new read after the weekend ahead. The next few days are all about the wedding.


I love your Overdrive slogan; they really should use it as it's so true! And I also love your yarn and can't imagine getting tired of seeing that gorgeous sweater-in-progress. If it's any consolation, just tell yourself that at least you haven't posted week after week of the same blue Hitchhiker, waiting for the gradient to appear!


Overdrive auto returns can be circumvented with a book on a tablet but it's trickier with audio. I'm knitting socks and reading See What I Have Done. I feel like I have a hangover from 4 3 2 1.


Don't underestimate the sweater in progress updates. I love hearing about what's happening even when it's the same project week after week. You're going to be hearing more from me on my same ol', just sayin'. :) Love that color of gold! I'm reading Manhattan Beach. Historical Fiction may not be my favorite category, but I'm withholding judgement for awhile longer.


I am verklempt over that glowing Briar Rose yarn! GORGEOUS and no one dyes quite like Chris does! I hear you on that Overdrive waits for no reader! Must.read.faster!


I know I've had books arrive in my inbox this week and I can't even begin to think about getting to them! Fortunately I'm #141 on the Little Lies train! "-) I just love the color of that sweater!


I don't think I'd get tired of seeing your sweater progress...that yarn is a beautiful color! I am slogging my way through the middle of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and it sure requires fortitude, I don't remember The God of Small Things being this weighed down with minutia! When I need a break, I read some of Mary Oliver's Upstream.

Cheryl S.

ooh - that sweater is going to be so pretty!


Love the Harvest Gold - beautiful! I'm letting go...too little time for books that put me to sleep. Started The Professor and the Housekeeper last night and so far I love it (numbers nerd that I am). Sadly, no knitting since a week ago...I feel edgy because of that.


Yellow/Gold...my favorite color, any shade so I look forward to seeing this one progress. I have a poncho very similar in hue and it's near - but not -done...it's been on the needles for way too long...only because of operator* slowness... Thanks to your excellent 'reviews', my list of books to read in 2017 is growing.

* aka moi!


Oooh, that sweater is going to be great!! I can picture you wearing it. :)

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I promise you I will not get sick of looking at that sweater progress. What a color!


(what Gale said) - but seriously, I can't wait to see 4 in progress shots this month! Katie is looking for a read-along book with me and I suggested Weight of Ink. We'll see... and you've made me think I should give Days without End another try. I started it earlier this year and it was just too bleak. Maybe listening would help - I do love Barry's writing. Cheers to another NaBloPoMo!!

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