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Go Your Own Way

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(Yeah.  I know you're already humming it.  But click and watch.  It's vintage Fleetwood Mac.  1977.  And it is kind of awesome.)



Arrows is finished.


And I really, really love it!

First, I just loved the concept of the design when I first heard about it.  Woman Must Make Her Own Arrows.  Not a mystery . . . but an adventure!  Second, I loved digging through my yarn stash and choosing colors that would work together.  (I had this funny notion that I'd use up a lot of stash-yarn.  But, nope!  I still have PLENTY left. . . )  Seriously, I pondered the colors for a couple of weeks before I even started!  Next, I loved the knitting.  Pretty basic and simple (although you do need to count and keep track of rows) (a challenge all by itself, for me at least), but soothing and relaxing and always interesting.

But what I loved best was the deciding HOW, exactly, I wanted to make my own arrows!


I loved the . . . unfolding.  The process.  The making-it-up-as-I-went-along.

It was powerful.

And creative.

Like I was the boss of my own knitting!


Open up.
Everything's waiting for you.

Go your own way!


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I want to thank all of you for weighing in and sharing your thoughts about my Border/Not Border decision.  In the end - as you can see - I opted for . . . Not Border.  After blocking, it just didn't seem to need one, structurally.  And the edges are naturally quite nice, thanks to a slipped stitch at the beginning of every row.  And - probably most importantly - I decided Not Border because the lines of the shawl are already very strong -- and a border would actually pull the focus from those already-strong, directional lines of the shawl itself.  

So.  Not Border.

And also Not Tassel. 

I did make some lovely beaded tassels.  They looked so cool and I thought I'd love them.  But I didn't.  It took only 5 minutes of wearing the shawl-with-tassels before I cut them off.  I guess I'm not a tassel person after all.  (Kind of like I'm not a pom-pom person. . .)



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It looks absolutely perfect the way you made it your own! Wear it in good health.


WOW! That is gorgeous in such a cool way! I thought border and tassels, but your way (and logic about the border detracting from the strong lines) is perfect. Shoot straight and shoot well with your arrows. (That's what the guys at the archery shop said to me.)


What a beautiful shawl! It will be so much fun to wear as the temps begin to drop. Great photos too


Yeah!! It turned out so great, Kym! I love your colors -- that bright green is fab!


It's the best! And I agree with your border-less decision. You'll get lots of great wear with it. #nopompoms #ever


After seeing yours and Vicki's shawl, this is definitely a "must knit " and soon! Blocking makes all the difference! Love your choice!


Oh wow! This is GORGEOUS!! I love it, Kym! So much!! XO


That looks fabulous! Wear it well!


The wrap is stunning without borders or tassels—good decision!

Cheryl S.

I love it! You have such a great color sense. The little pops of bright green really make it sing.


I love it! Especially the colors that you chose. And it looks great on you -- you will have fun wearing it. (I too am a no-tassels, no-pom-pom (and no-ruffles) kind of person. No surprise there.)


GORGEOUS!!! What a stunning finish. I cannot wait to start mine (trying to hold off till January 1st...we will see...).


The unembellished shawl is YOUR thing and it's fantastic! Good choices in color, to NOT border, and sans-tassel! Arrows will be a shawl you'll wear and wear, but also be proud of and you'll enjoy its power every time you wear it.


It's wonderful and completely and uniquely YOU!


Absolutely stunning!!!




I like to think that by this time in our lives, it's always good when we "go our own way". I weighed in for a border and tassels, but I can see now, your way is perfect!


Gorgeous colors, it looks wonderful on you.


Exquisite! Wear it proudly and in excellent health!

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