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All Things Must Pass

Garden Buddha has been sitting sentinel in my garden for 6 years now.


Sitting in the middle of a dying fall garden or nearly hidden by summer blooms; covered in winter snow or surrounded by spring crocus . . . my Buddha is a constant in the garden.  I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing the sun shining on my Buddha.  He brings a peaceful presence to my garden every day.

But.  All things must pass.

We've decided to re-locate the path that leads through this garden bed.  Which means . . . Buddha needs a new home.

Yesterday was his moving day.


Tom prepared the ground in his new location, loaded him up in the wagon, and settled him into his new space.


(You can see that Garden Buddha got an upgrade:  waterfront property!)

I think this will be a perfect location for him.  He'll appreciate the calming water and the shade of the larch tree.  And, while I'll miss seeing him out my kitchen window, now I'll be able to keep my eye on him from the living room.


In honor of Garden Buddha's move, Tom has written a poem.  (Haiku, of course!)

Buddha relocates
Garden eminent domain

He remains sanguine


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I like his new location. Looks like a great place for some quiet time.


Garden Buddha got an upgrade, you crack me up! I would like to get a similar Buddha for my yard. No waterfront property to be found, though.


A friend was just telling me about "Anicca" yesterday. I think it means all things are changing and inconstant, so I'm sure Buddha is content with his lovely new location. I love Buddha getting a wagon ride!


If one has to move it should at least be an upgrade. Looks to me like his new home is perfection. You have a nice view of his world, too. How lovely for you all.


Oh, he's going to enjoy that waterfront location!! ;)


The wagon ride is hysterical! And Buddha looks so content in his new location. The water will be soothing. Love Tom's Haiku!


Buddha is a lucky dude. :-)

Kim in Oregon

This post is just all kinds of lovely.


ooohhh, I look forward to new views - and I'm sure Garden Buddha is feeling most peaceful about his new (waterfront!) place.


I am with Carole, cracking up at the two of you and your wit! I do agree, dear Garden Buddha indeed got an upgrade, may he and the fish remain sanguine! XO

Anni Z

I think I would relocate him again and use that spot as a meditation spot myself!
I enjoyed the post, the haiku was a perfect touch!


I'm pretty sure you were more worried about all of this than Garden Buddha would ever be. :-)


Buddha is Buddha-ish. Unperturbed at moving. Ride in wagon? Pah, no biggie. Waterfront location? All places are good. The haiku, though? Buddha chuckles!


Oh my! What a treat you'll have in store as you and Garden Buddha greet/live through each season. I think his new spot is perfect! I love Tom's Haiku and Garden Buddha's wagon ride!

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