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Unraveling on a Wednesday

A Bit of Flailing About

The funny thing about writing a blog is that sometimes you have a lot to say, and sometimes you just . . . don't.  And sometimes you are thinking about a lot of things that you'll eventually say, but the thoughts aren't quite organized enough to say them yet.

That's where I am.

A lot of ideas percolating.  But not quite ready for blogging.

So here's a pretty picture of a bloom from my garden while I flail about for a while.


(Because things are still limping along out there in my garden.  Although we've had a few fall-ish days, it still feels like an extended summer for the most part.)


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Even your flailing is fun! The Pinterest pumpkins on the sidebar are quite nice!


My grandmother often said that only fools speak when they don't have anything to say, and you are no fool! (And NaBloPoMo is next month, so I may be saving some of my thoughts for November!)


Yep. Flail away!


I FLAIL every day. Every.Single. Day! As Bonny sez: I should be so fortunate to "flail" as Kym does.!
The flower is lovely...just the right touch.


I can't EVER picture you flailing! Even when you do it's lovely, I'm sure.


Blooms are just a happy note for today! Perfect!


Frost warnings hereabouts! Must move my geranium pots indoors.


Percolating sounds much better than flailing! Enjoy the process ... and I look forward to hearing more once you're ready to share. In the meantime, pretty blooms are always welcome!


Flailing over here too


Wiegela? That photo is wonderful! And, here is to finding the pathway out of flailing. XO


Flailing! At least your ideas are percolating and will be worth waiting for! I It's more like November around here. I'm ready for an autumn that may not arrive!

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