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It's Friday.  And that means it's time for some TGIF.  


T - Thinking About

I've been thinking a lot about trees this week.  See the blooming black lace elderberry in my photo from last spring?  I've always loved this tree in my back border.  It added such nice contrast and was perfectly suited to it's location.  Perhaps you're noticing I switched into the past tense there?  Because . . . that tree succumbed to a borer this summer, and slowly slipped away.  Tom dug it out last week, so there is a big hole in my garden.  There is also a hole in my front garden border because I lost my lovely star magnolia earlier in the season to a nasty case of scale.  So.  Trees.  It's time to stop grieving and get serious about replacing both trees!  (But . . . with what???)

IMG_9656 2

G - Grateful For

The photo above is a peek inside my bullet journal/planner for tomorrow.  There is . . . nothing on it!  And Sunday looks just like that, too.  I am grateful for an open weekend.  I haven't had one in a long time, and I am looking forward to enjoying a wide open weekend.


I - Inspired By

Right before the wedding weekend, I went to my local Subaru dealership for an oil change (because of a "lifetime deal" with the purchase of my car a few years ago).  It ended up being an exercise in frustration (for reasons I won't even bother with, but rest assured I let them have it on the post-service survey), BUT . . . I did see this sign sitting on a table in the Hyundai showroom (because I had plenty of time to walk ALL around the dealership that morning - more than once).  I love finding "words in the wild."  They always inspire.


F - Fun

Yesterday was a busy day, and by dinner time, both Tom and I were too exhausted to think about making dinner.  So we headed to one of our favorite local brew pubs for beer and dinner. . . and a bit of pinball.  I am terrible at pinball, but Tom played a lot of pinball as a teenager -- and he is very, very good.  He can play for hours on a couple of quarters -- because he wins free games all the time.  Anyway, he had a lot of fun with this particular game last night -- and I had fun just watching.  (Eventually, he had to walk away from his next free game . . . because #mygodwe'dbethereallnight.)

TGIF, everyone!
Enjoy your weekend.



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TGIF Kym! Enjoy your wide open weekend! XO


That black lace elberberry is/was beautiful, and it makes me sad to think it's gone. I hope you have fun considering replacements. My gardening sil just replaced a regular elderberry with a beautiful Japanese maple, but it looks like it's got verticillium wilt. I'm always glad for the Subaru survey. I don't know if they really take heed, but those ratings certainly seem to matter to the service supervisor. Enjoy that wide-open weekend!


I feel your pain at the loss of your beautiful trees! But, I hope that you are inspired by new ones to replace them! And, vehicle servicing, gah - it is the bane of all humanities existence! But, words in the wild are always wonderful! Have a fantastic and quiet weekend!! XO


You have so many plants that don't thrive here in the Rockies. I'm sorry to hear that you lost some nice plants. Beer and pinball--sounds great


The loss of the trees gives you a fresh canvas to play with, which will bring new surprises come spring! Enjoy your quiet weekend and do what YOU want to do!


Am loving your TGIF posts. Enjoy the weekend with nothing planned (Perfect)! The "wild words" are great!


This is a most excellent post! Good luck with your choice of trees, maybe it will be fun to plan and design something new? And hooray for One Well and video games and a wide open weekend!


So sorry about your trees...good luck in finding some new ones to grow in those empty spots. I have a few blank spots too...there's nary a tree in the backyard, anymore...and I miss them.
Pinball never appealed to me but my 3 years' old great grand nephew 's hooked...already1
Yep, the TGIF post is a winner...and enjoy the "free" weekend - mine is filled with fun stuff. Will you go back to your BUJO and fill in those blank spaces after the weekend's over?


Carpe diem, and the moment too I suspect.
I just finished reading a book, it is so good, "The Hidden Life of Treees: What They Feel, How They Communicate . ." so perhaps you could pick a tree you feel you could "talk" to, that would be comforting?
Grateful for unmarked days too.


Pinball. I was always interested... but terrible at it! Sorry about your trees. Interested in what you'll choose to replace them!

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