Ready-Aim-Fire: An Unraveled Post
A Brief Interlude

Rolling My Eyes Here

Marketing campaigns and materials are carefully designed to connect with consumers on an emotional level -- to tug at heartstrings or trigger guilt; to create hunger or desire; to appear to have your best interests at heart.  At the very least, marketers want to catch your eye.

Sometimes, though, they just make me roll my eyes.

Three instances:

1 - From a tube of Aveeno Positively Ageless Firming Body Lotion we have . . .


Shiitake mushroom complex.

What IS that?  And why would I want to slather it on my body for "firming looking skin in just 2 weeks?"  I have no idea, but I roll my eyes everytime I use the lotion. 


2 - From a promotional mail piece Tom received from Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises we have . . . 


Welcome to the Crystal Yachting Lifestyle.  (Which is trademarked, apparently.)

And then it gets even better.  Complimentary butler service.

Are you kidding me?  They're targeting my husband for this?  Rolling my eyes that the "yachting lifestyle" is even a thing.  And that it might actually appeal to . . . someone.  (And if you ARE living the "yachting lifestyle" already, I can't imagine that you're going to sign up for one of these cruises.  Because I'm thinking the "yachting lifestyle" is kind of . . . well . . . independent of a cruise.  Y'know?)


3 - From my bottle of mint Listerine, we have . . .


Everfresh Technology.  (Also trademarked.)  

Everfresh technology?  You mean . . . super strong mint flavor that makes your mouth tingle and feel like it might make your head explode?  Is THAT the Everfresh technology at work?  They're blinding me with science!


There you have it.  Three things on a Thursday.  To see what three things (eye-rolling or otherwise) other bloggers are sharing this week, click here.  (And while you're at it, be sure to wish Carole a happy birthday when you're there!)






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OMG, LMAO. Really... at every.single.thing!


Rolling my eyes here, too. ™ There seems to be a rich source of humor that I've been ignoring, so I will be looking at my junk mail and reading things more closely from now on!


Too bad it's only a "three" day?
"Eleanor Oliphant" would roll her eyes internally and then matter-of-factory state the awkward truth. Yesterday we got a packet for a cruise to Antarctica! (Though they say they are booked until 2019 ? -- double roll !!)
Sometimes I can't believe the commercializations. Thanks for the ideas, I will get more humor into my life, cheaply!


LOL. These are all so good. I use that same lotion (and love it), but was wondering about the shitake mushroom stuff...then thought it was better NOT to think about it.


These are great! I'm with you especially about the whole "yachting lifestyle" thing.

Jeannie Gray

And now I'm picturing an old dude in a butler's outfit, following me around giving me compliments.... while I live my yachting lifestyle. :)




I love how you find this stuff! I probably see things like this all the time but I just don't pay attention. I'm going to start so that I can practice those eye rolling muscles! (thanks for the birthday love, too)


Awesome post!


Tell Tom he has to start talking like Thurston Howell III ! Lovey...I hope you have a great weekend! :-)


I enjoyed this post on the things that make life about as inauthentic as it could be! I'm to sure I would want to be fragranced with shiitake mushrooms, either. Lately, I've been seeing "anti-aging" everywhere and I want to know why they think a bottle of goo is going to keep the skin from aging and WHY can't I age and still be called beautiful? What's wrong with a few wrinkles? You just can't anti-age, folks.

Anni Z

Made me laugh! Especially about targeting husbands with the promise of a butler (a superfluous promise since I'm the one who serves his meals, puts away his clothes and brings his beer to him, lol)!

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