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Ready-Aim-Fire: An Unraveled Post

I'm happily knitting away on my "arrows" project . . . 


After a summer of knitting that included lace and mosaic and beads and all the attention and counting that kind of knitting entails, I'm just thrilled to be working on a projet that is free-form and open-ended and not restricted in any way at all.  (It's kind of like knitting dishcloths, but with much nicer yarn.)

I love just being able to follow a basic recipe . . . while just riffing with color and texture.  This kind of project is very forgiving.  If I don't like what I see, I can just . . . end it.  Try something else.  Grab a different color instead.  Throw in a garter ridge or two.  And if I make a mistake of some sort?  Well, I can just work it into the project and no one will ever be the wiser.

I also like creating such a colorful, bold accessory for myself.  Because I love looking at the bright and the wild . . . but I don't really like wearing it.  Unless it's an accessory!  So perfect, non?

Finally, though, I have always love the symbolism of arrows.  Movement.  Direction.  Strength.  Grace.  Power.  Give me an arrow anytime!

So, basically . . . this is just what I need to knit right now.


As for the reading, I've just started Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie (one of my favorite authors) (this one was on the Man Booker long list).  Over the weekend, I finished Autumn by Ali Smith (another of my favorite authors) (this one made the Man Booker short list).  I loved Autumn, although I'll readily admit that it won't be to many readers' tastes (so be warned if you like your books strong on plot with few holes by the end of the book) (just sayin').

How about you?  What are you knitting and reading?


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Home Fire sounds really good. Just added it to my Want to Read list. And I love that you are enjoying the freeform nature of your arrows project. It's perfect for you after the summer (and last year) that you have had.


Two very good sounding books...adding to my list of possibilities as I reacquaint myself with fiction. Really curious about your arrows knitting there a pattern? I'm looking for something that encourages me to try diff things and accommodates mistooks...spelling intended.


Your arrows are awesome! I have both of those books in my reading queue. I am knitting baby stuff and reading Glass Houses. Oh, I do love me some Gamache!


Love your Arrow piece. Each time I look at one (yours, Vicki's) I think I "need" to make one. I love how they are so individual. Thanks for the book recommendations -- I'm off to check them out on line.


Thanks for that great Arrows explanation! Because of the construction, I had assumed it was fiddly, detailed, and required counting - all things I'm not really looking for. But dishcloths with nicer yarn? Sign me up! :-)

mary mcmahon

Kym, a Michael and Jane Stern quote...."My mother served leftovers every night for 16 years...the original meal has never been found." I love your post yesterday. My DH and I NEVER go out for dinner and I still struggle sometimes w/ leftovers. It seems to require a lot of attention. best, Mary in Cincinnati


I love the top one with the bold red stripe in the first photo. Give me some red every time.


I love the photos of your knitting - the colors and the textures! I'm glad you are enjoying it and can't wait to see more as you go along.


I love your looks like a fun project!


I am closing in on the first tail of my Arrows project and it really is just a joy. I hope I love wearing the finished piece half as much as I've loved making it!!


You've got a great eye for color Kym! I'm knitting two sweaters, a log cabin blanket and socks. I guess that adult ADD is kicking in big time! :-)


Your knitting certainly looks fun! I finished Autumn and thought it good, but not quiet great. I've got Home Fires on my list!'s all in the beginning stages, unknown, too new, intimidating. Love the freedom and color fun of your arrows!

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