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Way back in June, I cast on for Kirsten Kapur's 2017 Mystery Shawl . . .

a shawl with no name


Knitting just hasn't been much of a priority for me this summer. This was the only project I worked on all summer,* finally finishing about a month ago -- and blocking just this week.

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain


I kind of love it!  And . . . just in time, too.  Because it is suddenly feeling very fall-ish here.


In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
La, la, la la la la, la la la, la la...

(Ravelry details here.)


*  Except for that disaster-wedding-shawl.  But we're just going to let that one go.


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The shawl is exquisite. Wish I could crank something like that out even when my mind was really focused on other things. And your asterisk comment opens the door for me to add my thanks for your example in letting go of your other shawl. Something to remember when tearing my hair.


Gorgeous! And you chose perfect colors. Wear it in good health!


Ooh, I just love this - both the pattern and the colors you chose! Wear it in warmth and happiness (and thanks for the ear worm)!


Oh, that's just gorgeous! I missed the "mystery" aspect of this, but really must make one!!


Oh man! It is gorgeous! I love your color choices!! Well done!


I love love love it! But go away fall!


Just beautiful! I know you will wear it well! xo


Wow! What a delight to see this shawl. You picked amazing colors and did a beautiful job on this Kym. Love it! Wear in good health!!


Hmmm...your amazing shawl makes me think I should give Kristen's KAL a try. Perfect color choice!


You all are killing me with you hint of fall weather! I want some of that. Beautiful shawl


That is GORGEOUS! Congratulations. I am jealous of your clear weather. Our air here is so smokey, I have to wait to photograph a project -- I don't want it to smell like a campfire, and the light is too odd. Not sure I'm ready for fall, but I'm ready for rain!


Lovely! Superb! Wear in good health. Certain you're going to have many folk commenting and coveting! Hang on!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Whoa that shawl is stunning--and it looks fabulous on you! I haven't been doing much blog reading all summer (hangs head in shame) so I am not sure if I've seen any of these finished--if I have, none have knocked me out like yours. Enjoy it!


Kym! I love the colors and the whole shawl looks so beautiful, so perfect for your only summer project. I have mine still in these starting stages, but seeing yours I've decided to stick with it! It's too beautiful to be nameless!

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