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Meeting My Goal

My daughter, Erin, has always been . . . her own self.  Unique; imaginative; smart and creative.  And totally out-of-the-box from the get-go.  It's been fun - and always a bit of an adventure - to watch her grow up; to watch her unfold.  

When she went off to college, she met her match in Keith.  The two of them just . . . fit together from the start.  And it's been a delight to watch them grow and unfold  . . . together.


No one would ever use the word "conventional" to describe either Erin or Keith.  They do things their own way!  Always have; always will.

So when it came time to plan their wedding, I knew we'd have fun with it.  As the mother-of-the-bride, my biggest goal was to make sure Erin and Keith had a wedding day that was perfect . . . for them.  That their wedding turned out be just what they wanted -- even if it was a bit out-of-the-box; a day that would make them happy.


Sometimes, they embraced tradition.  (Tom walked Erin down the aisle, for example.)


And sometimes, they did not.  (They had a cake as part of their "dessert buffet" -- but no "wedding cake" and no cake cutting ceremony.)


The wedding was small and intimate, with a venue only blocks from the beach.


There were games to play and costumes to try on.  A friend performed a poem (poetry-slam style) that she wrote just for Erin and Keith (so powerful and moving that there was not a dry eye among the women at my table).


There was jazz and some spontaneous dancing and cornhole match-ups and even an appearance by Party Duck (because friends can surprise and delight).


But mostly, there was love and joy.


I feel like I met my goal:  The day was lovely and relaxed and fun . . . just the way Erin and Keith wanted it to be!


(And - just because I'm sure you're all dying to know - I wore the silver sparkle shoes!)  (Both of them.)








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It looks and sounds like a perfect day for Erin and Keith! You all look fabulous and I'm glad you picked the sparkly shoes!


It looks like the perfect day - for everyone! And, long live sparkly shoes!! XO


Yay Mama!! Everything looks so perfect... so much fun & happy!


Thank you for showing us these pictures!

As someone who had a small wedding, and enjoyed it because I remember exactly everything about it and who was there, it's nice to see that there are still lovely, happy weddings that are not extravaganzas.



It looks like it was wonderful day for everyone!


Breathtaking! Erin looks fabulous--love the simplicity of her gown.

Cheryl S.

What a lovely and happy day for such a cute couple.


I love everything about this Kym! Mostly...all of those smiles!


The wedding looks perfectly wonderful for all! Smiles, laughter, fun, and a real celebration of Erin and Keith. That photo of them together on the beach is just beautiful (along with your sparkly shoes)!


Your family is so beautiful! It's so cool Erin and Keith had a fun, friends and family filled wedding, the wedding they really wanted!!


What a fun yime. You can see/feel the love in all those pictures. Each snap a treasure. Thanks for sharing...and I love your silver shoes.


Just lovely! Congratulations to all.


A wonderful day! Congratulations to all!

PS I always love the shot of the bride & groom coming BACK down the aisle. Always the best shot -- beautiful! And the shoes (and all) were great!


Thank you for sharing the joys of the very lovely and perfect wedding. You did a grand job with all the behind the scenes planning and everyone looks like they had a grand and memorable time. Congratulations.

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