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Just a Little Equilibration

The subtle little signs of the seasons changing from summer to fall were in evidence up north over the weekend.

Acorns falling like rain from the trees.

Forest ferns curling and turning brown.

Goldenrod in full bloom along all the roadsides.

Pops of color from changing leaves in the forest.

And this one (my favorite). . .

FullSizeRender 100

In the fall, the morning air temperatures tend to be much (much) colder than the lake water temperature.  As the sun rises, there is a thick mist floating on the lake surface . . . until the air warms up a bit, and the temperatures equilibrate again.

It looks mystical . . . magical.  I love it!

This weekend, the misty lake got me thinking . . .  because this is what happens to me.  My inner-temperature is still set at "summer" -- but the world around me is turning to "fall."  Like the lake, I'm slower to adjust -- and need to equilibrate to the changing seasons once more. 

(Always working on finding my balance!)


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Our weather is back and forth making me feel a bit wobbly. But fall and rain and cooler temps will settle in soon enough. Ah, balance, such a slippery thing.


I like how you think! In science, when a system reaches equilibrium, it is said to be in a steady state. Steadying our balance is a good thing.


That's a great way to think about adjusting to the fall temps.


This is so true and so well put! I am the last person to adjust to the new season, even though I love fall, I love summer more.


I am with you on adjusting my inner temperature to match the exterior ones! I am longing for a few more summer days.


Thankfully, we're having a bit of a warm up compared to last week! I have busted out the jeans but still wiggling my bare toes ('til the very last minute!). I pass by a few fields and small ponds on my way to work and love seeing the fog -- it IS mystical & magical. ;)


I'm also very, very sorry to see the warmth disappear. I follow the sun around the yard during the fall afternoons. (Practicing for my next life as a dog!) XO


I love mist on water in the mornings Because we usually go camping in the Fall, we often see it. Beautiful picture!


Maybe thinking about wearing your handknits again will help with balance? And, I need to get up earlier so I too can see mist on the water. (sorry, not gonna happen)


I think I could live in a year round fall season...but I suppose that might cause Fall to lose it's appeal...and you are right, it *is* all about balance. Thanks for the reminder...


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