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After a summer of rather uninspired knitting, I picked up my needles again last weekend. . .

IMG_9634 2

and started making arrows!

For many reasons, this seems to be the Perfect Knit for me right now.  Mainly, it allows me to wander.  Following a basic recipe, I can just dabble.  And do what I want.  With any colors; any stitch patterns.

It's wonderful.

And freeing.

And meditative.

(I'm also considering sweater patterns and doing a bit of swatching.  More on that another day.)

As for reading . . . well.  I'm suffering slogging through another of my book group's selections - Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden.  I know many people who consider this a beloved novel, but it's just . . . not me.  (Too long, too dramatic, too predictable.)  It's particularly sloggish right now when there are so many great books (books that I am so excited to read) being released this month!   Oh, well.  Only 3 hours left to listen (thank goodness for 2X narration speed. . . ).

How about YOU?  What are you knitting and reading?


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Helen B

Love the look and the sound of your knitting piece making arrows, will hope your book improves for you,nothing worse than slogging through a book, when if like me you have a pile of ones to read.


Arrows look(s?) so interesting and I really look forward to seeing your creativity and dabbling! My sympathies on slogging, but the good stuff will be waiting for you when you're done.


2X? Really? I listen at 1.25 and consider that fast. Lovely photo of your knitting and wine.


I've been knitting my Arrows this week, too. I'm not sure that what I'm doing now goes with what I did before, but that's random knitting!! Haha... 2x speed. I've been known to do that with Craftsy videos, too. ;)


Those are some lovely yarns you have there, ma'm!


Oh pretty yarns, red wine, all is good. The Arrows look(s) so interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it (they) evolve. Sorry about the slogging...I've been doing more of that lately and it is frustrating!


Oh I can't wait to see your knitting once you've gotten underway - the colors in the basket are lovely.

Sometimes the books that everyone else raves about are my least favorites. I wonder in my case if part of it is just me being contrary (if you can imagine such a thing) ...


The occasional book slog is one of downsides of the book club. Hopefully, there is a wonderful read that you wouldn't have found otherwise.

P.S. I don't understand arrows--am I dense?


You're going to have some fun knitting ahead. I read Forgotten Garden years ago and felt the same way about it you do. I'm in the mood for a sweater, too. It's been a few years so it's time! We're heading into the chilly season (today!). xo


I went through my PiPs (Knitting Projects in Progress...or not) earlier this week and selected about five to focus on over the next couple months, etc. In between an audio book to read...not sure what will be next.
Do enjoy whatever you decide to read and close the book on the one you don't like. Too much goodness out there to "suffer"...


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