No Regrets

Well, Now. Wasn't That Fun?

The weather forecast here yesterday called for heavy cloud cover.  But, once again, the weather forecast turned out to be . . . WRONG!

We had some clouds, sure.  But all afternoon we had clear eclipse viewing!


What a spectacle!

My dad nabbed an approved pair of eclipse glasses just days before the eclipse -- and he was more than willing to share.  So we gathered in the backyard for a little eclipse party.

We tried a bit of everything when it came to watching the eclipse (because Science).

The humble colander (complete with requisite dog hair)


The tricky binoculars (with modification).


Old-school pinhole box camera (thanks Amazon Prime).

IMG_9114 2

Everything worked -- but nothing was quite as awesome as watching with the eclipse glasses!

Here is my very favorite photo from yesterday . . . 


(Makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it!)

It was a great afternoon.  So much fun!


And . . . speaking of amazing spectacles . . .


Today is our anniversary.  36 years.  And all of them sunny!



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Happy Anniversary ! Wishing you many more years of fun & sunshine! We had similar fun with various viewing devices yesterday. We had heavy clouds and thunderstorms until about 10 minutes before the eclipse, then the clouds parted for us. It was a great afternoon!


Happy Anniversary! We had about 67% here and used a welder she mask at work. It was amazing! My boss "wasn't interested"...I can't even imagine! XO


How wonderful! Happy Anniversary! Your eclipse watching looks like a great time! Fortunately our neighbor had glasses and you're right, all the other methods were fun, but nothing like seeing the sun in a tiny crescent through the glasses.


Happy Anniversary! You are in good company - one of my sisters and her husband are celebrating #47, and her daughter and husband are celebrating #10!

Enjoy, and I wish for many more happy years together for you two. xo


I love your science, fun, and photos! The only thing I missed during my observation was a beer, but you were clever enough to include that eclipse-viewing necessity. At first I wondered who the little boxhead was in the photo with your dad and thought maybe it was a neighborhood kid that wandered over. Then I figured out it was the guy you've spent 36 years with! Wishing you many more sunny, funny years together!


Happy Anniversary! What a great way to celebrate. That picture has got to win a prize somewhere. It's priceless.


Your eclipse photos are fabulous, you really captured the fun of the day! Happy Anniversary to you and Tom!


Haha! That's my favorite photo too!! Hilarious.



What a wonderful celebration for/on your 36th anniversary! Wow! That was sheer magic! Too cool!


Happy Anniversary!! My husband and I are just 4 days from celebrating our 47th anniversary - with SO many sunny days in all those years! Jealous of your eclipse party but we were way too late in searching for eclipse glasses so watched the whole thing on TV.


How lovely of the sun and moon to cooperate to celebrate your anniversary!

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