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As I have mentioned before, I am a regular listener of Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast.  One of her frequent sponsors is Stitch Fix . . . and I've always been so intrigued.  Because just how would that work, exactly?  What would be in the box?  And wouldn't it maybe be sort of fun to boost your wardrobe with pieces selected just for you . . . that you didn't have to shop for?


I didn't bite.

But each time I heard their sponsorship ads on the podcast, I went through the same thought process.  

And then . . . people I know started ordering from Stitch Fix -- and having positive experiences with it.  Bloggers I know - like Carole and Cheryl - tried it and loved it.  Facebook friends from way back tried it and loved it.  Even people I know in real life tried it and loved.

What the heck.

I bit.


Stitch Fix works like this:  

You sign up and fill out an extensive personal survey about your likes/dislikes, lifestyle, wardrobe desires, sizes, price point preferences, etc.  You can even link in relevant Pinterest boards.  Basically, you're trying to help your Stitch Fix stylist make good wardrobe choices for you.

Then . . . you wait for your Fix.

When it arrives (which is way more exciting than I thought it would be), you open the box to find five items -- with a short, personalized note from your Stitch Fix stylist, a style card (to give you ideas of how to wear your new items), and an invoice.

You don't pay for your Fix up front -- except for a $20 "styling fee" that gets credited back to you if you decide to keep any of the items.  (You don't pay for shipping -- even if you send it all back.  You are only "out" the $20 if you decide not to keep anything.)  You only pay for items you decide to keep.  And -- here's the kicker -- you get a 25% discount on everything if you keep all five pieces (more on this later).  

You have three days from receipt of the Fix to decide.  You try it all on, and fill out a fairly detailed feedback form for your stylist, and pay then.  (Prices will vary by person -- because you set price ranges you're comfortable with in that initial survey.)  You can sign up to receive Fixes on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly, for example), or you can just request one whenever you're in the mood.

It's pretty simple!

As for me, I told my stylist that I was looking for casual items that were just a bit more trendy than what I usually find at my local Eddie Bauer store.  (Don't get me wrong -- I love Eddie Bauer.  I just thought it might be nice to . . . step it up a bit now and again.)  Here's what she sent me:

First, item #1 . . . 


A lightweight denim jacket that I LOVE.  So much . . . that I put it on right out of the box and have now worn it for two days straight!  (The temperature really dipped into October here this week, so it's been perfect.)  I will truly wear this all the time!  

I do have a denim jacket that I've had for about 15 years.  (Guess where I got it?)  (Eddie Bauer, of course!)  My old jacket is sort of boxy and made of heavy weight denim and is quite warm.  I'll still wear it and love it -- but this one is lighter and the fit is a lot more trendy.  I'm a real denim-jacket-kind-of-gal, so this was a perfect choice for me.  WINNER.

Next, item #2 . . . 


A kicky little shift dress in my favorite clothing colors - neutral black and white.  I love it!  I've been wondering what to wear to Erin and Keith's rehearsal dinner next week . . . and now I think I have my answer.  I can see wearing this dress right through fall with tights and a cardigan, too.  It's perfect.  WINNER.

Next, item #3 . . . 


It's called a "utility tunic" -- but I call it pretty much just the kind of thing that appeals to me.  I love the color and the fit.  I have a feeling I'll wear this quite a lot -- even though I can tell it's going to wrinkle easily.  This is the kind of shirt I'm always looking for -- but never finding.  And look . . . 


It works great with my new denim jacket.  WINNER.

Next, item #4 . . . 


Another flowy, tunic shirt -- this one in white mini polka dots on a navy background.  The shirt looks great with jeans, too.  (And - of course - layered with my denim jacket. . . )  WINNER.

Next, the final item - #5 . . .


Ummmm.  Not so much.  These are . . . cropped, wide-leg, pajama-style pants . . . in a truly hideous and not-at-all-me shiny/crinkly fabric WITH a track-suit style stripe down the sides . . .


that I cannot imagine wearing ANYwhere (even though I do know that this type of style is trendy right now -- but not so much here in Kalamazoo).  (Funniest thing?  The style card showed these pants with a nautical striped, boat neck t-shirt and red sandals.  Really????)  

So.  That's my Fix.  Four items I love . . . one item that is a total dud.

My decision should be super easy, right?  Keep four items, send one back.  Pay for four items, free shipping on the dud.  Right?  Not so fast, my friends!  Because there is that 25% discount if you keep all 5 items.  And because my dud-pants were really fairly inexpensive, I would pay significantly MORE for the 4 items I love if I send the dud-pants back.  Because of the 25% discount.

So.  I am now the proud owner of the dud-pants.  

And there . . . I think . . . is the biggest problem with Stitch Fix.  You can end up - potentially - keeping items you don't really want because it costs you more to send them back -- not in shipping costs, but in the loss of that hefty 25% discount.  On the other hand, with the feedback I provided my stylist . . . I shouldn't receive pants (or any other item) like that again!  

I'll try Stitch Fix again (I signed up for quarterly Fixes) and we'll see how the next one goes.  I'm really happy with the new WINNER items for my closet, and I know they're things I'll love wearing.

In the meantime . . . anyone interested in those pants???


If you're thinking of trying Stitch Fix for yourself, you can use my referral code.  (Tell 'em Kym sent you!)




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My thoughts about Stitch Fix have always been like your initial ones, but you may be the person that finally convinces me. Those first four items are great and I am wondering if there's a place on the questionnaire for me to beg that they send me that denim jacket. I LOVE it! You look so good in those four pieces that the awful dud-pants seem almost like a joke. I bet Erin is glad you're not wearing those to her rehearsal dinner!


Every time I see someone's results of the Stitch Fix I think how wonderful it is. All the things you liked, I would like too. I also wonder what the pants look like on. Some things look lots better on. Maybe not with the white stripe though.
So, if I decide to do this I will use your referral. I worry about fit though. I seem to spend most of my life in between sizes. Do they get your actual measurements in the questionaire?


Your four items are SO you! How interesting they can get 4 things so right and one thing SO wrong. I remain on the fence, but I would like a little update on my EB addiction. :)


What fun to have someone else do the shopping! Four out of five is dern decent and who knows, you might decide the pants are growing on you. (Oops, that sounded like a fungus or something gross). Have you modeled the pants for Tom, or is he non- committal about things like that?


Oh, that DRESS! Can you believe I've never owned a denim jacket... they always seem to heavy & stiff (I know, I think you're probably supposed to "wear it in")... but I would probably go for that lightweight one. I've also been on the fence for a while now... maybe an update for fall. I didn't know all the details about frequency and shipping, etc. Good to know! Love those 4 "keepers."


As you know I jumped yesterday! (Damn...the code!!! :-)) If I get anything half as wonderful as you have I will be thrilled! And yes! That jacket!! The dress will be perfect next week. (Next! Week!) XO


My sister does Stitch Fix and has gotten some great things. And it does seem like "they" get better at choosing what she'd like over time.

Next week - how exciting!


I love Stitch Fix., as you know, and they really chose some perfect things for you! Those pants, though. Ugh. Maybe you can sell them on ebay or something!


I love the items you chose! They all look great on you.


Thanks so much for sharing your box! I'm really interested in trying it, but will have to wait until I can afford it sometime.

As for the dud pants - could you wear them just around the house, like weird sweat pants? That's probably what I would do ...

I LOVE the stuff you got - what a nice variety!


Don't be so fast to judge those pants. I've have some exactly like that in my closet for years (loved the fabric and provenance so stubbornly held onto them through several Kon-Mari sessions) and this year found its perfect, flowy-top mate. The only problem is the shoes. Those are a little tricky. Everything else really suits you. Eddie Bauer must be some magic kind of a store. I must be several inches shorter than you but everything always fits me.


On second thought my pants aren't that wrinkly nor have that stripe down the side. Maybe you should ditch them.


I am thinking pajamas for those pants... totally pajamas! Only downfall is that Tom might hurt himself laughing. But, I love all your other pieces! They are spectacular!! XO


Wow! Wish I lived an hour and a half south of here to take a spin at this thing! You look gorgeous, and that dress is the icing on the (rehearsal dinner) cake.

Cheryl S.

Your 4 keepers are great! They look wonderful on you. But those pants? What were they thinking? LOL.

It seems to be not uncommon to have one thing that people don't like, but end up keeping because of the discount. I've seen some people sell the unwanted things on eBay. I'd probably just end up donating it to the thrift store if I couldn't find anyone who liked it.

I'm looking forward to getting a 2nd box!

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