Just What I Need
Deadheading: Good for More Than Gardening


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At times! And sometimes it never improves until Friday! :-) Here's to a successful productive and at the same time easy week! xo


May your list be manageable and your Monday kind! XO


I was hoping to have a digging out day today but it is still so hot in our house that I think I will just go to my office where there is air conditioning and leave the pile for another day.


Oh I hate when that happens! (Except it does mean that the weekend was FUN) Good luck digging!!!


Yes, definitely! Sometimes you get to be the grasshopper fiddling and having fun on the weekend, and sometimes you've just got to be the industrious ant on Mondays.


This is the story of my life! But, Bonny said it best (as usual).


All the time! And why not-- that's what Monday morning is for!


Give or take a day (or a fun weekend), no doubt you'll get organized!!


ha! this made me laugh out loud because OF COURSE this happens to me ALL THE TIME! on the evening end of Monday, I hope that space isn't too full and overwhelming ... but I can imagine, with less than four weeks to go, well, it might be!


I hope, now that Monday is nearly over, that you feel prepared for the rest of the week. I surely don't.


To be continued on Tuesday...that's where I found myself today...As a cup logo I once had, said: "I was put on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things...I'm so far behind , I'll never die."
Trust you had a great day!

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