It's Friday and I Need an Opinion
Keeping Track

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like an escape.


As summer begins its march toward fall, Tom and I like to escape up north every chance we can.


Here we are.  

Somewhat isolated as we work remotely, trying to soak up every bit of summer we can. 

This Monday, though, we're also trying to make sense of the times we live in, and struggling to comprehend the vermin in our midst (always there, but now unafraid to show their faces).

I think I'll head down to the lake now.  
To watch the loon-baby learn to swim and fish.




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The horrific events we witnessed this weekend should be deeply disturbing. At the same time, we cannot live in it. Your approach is wise and appropriate. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Lol). Time to,soak up som rays!


Sadly, the racist bigots and their terrorist actions are now legitimized and supported by the racist bigot in charge. The man has never been silent, except for now when he should be calling the hatred exactly what it is and not blaming "many sides". Escape and enjoyment of the loon baby may be the only way to make sense.


I was thankful to be unplugged for a bit over the weekend.
Did that baby loon make a catch yet??


I think your Monday sounds like a great plan. I'm not sure there is any sense to be made from the senselessness, but sharing peace, love and joy in our little corner of the internet is helping.


Glad you two could escape for a bit. We all need it.


The one good thing about our life in parenthesis this past week is that we have mostly been oblivious to the news. Not completely, but definitely a little buffered from it. I'm glad you could escape Up North!


Unplugged is sometimes the best thing ever. (I did my own version yesterday at my stove! It's amazing what good smells can do to unplug your brain! lol)


You've got the right idea! Balance is key. What a wonderful way to spend a day. How many people can say they saw a baby loon learning life lessons?


Being on vacation this week has been a blessing. I've caught some snippets's so ugly and scary and mind blowing. Ugh.


Escape ! Oh so needed. Thanks for including us in your getaway.

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