Well, Now. Wasn't That Fun?
Flowers are Magical


The blob . . . it grows.


It really doesn't look like much right now.  But Erin's wedding shawl is coming right along.

I'm knitting carefully . . . because ripping back with lace and super thin lace weight and beads is just Not What I Need right now.  So.  Slow and steady.  Counting constantly.  No wine.  No TV.  No book-listening.  Just focused knitting.

I'm nearing the final lace chart.  But . . . So. Many. Stitches.

In reading, I finished Bear Town over the weekend, and I'm recommending it to everyone I run into (and all of you, too).  Now I'm reading The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotoso (and I need to really pick up my pace because it's a loan through Overdrive and the deadline fast approaches; I don't want it to disappear mid-read. . . ).  I'm listening to A Line Made by Walking by Sara Baume (and I'm not so sure what I think about it quite yet).

How about YOU?  What are you knitting?  Or reading?  Or both?


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