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No Time for Unraveling

My knitting has been very slow this summer.  A row here; a row there.  Some days, not even a stitch.

I finally finished this earlier this week . . . 

IMG_9035 2

That's Kirsten Kapur's Mystery Shawl 2017 -- in all its unblocked glory.  (I don't have a good place to block up north, and the well water is just kind of . . . well, smelly.  I will block when I get home.)  

And now, I'm working on this blob of lace weight . . .

IMG_9036 2

Because, really.  With less than 3 weeks until a wedding, shouldn't every mother-of-the-bride be working on a lace shawl with beads for her daughter?  (Like the title says, no time for unraveling.)

(If you hear maniacal laughter in the background, just smile and look away.)

Reading continues apace.  I may get a Bingo coverall after all, but it's hard to tell at this point.  Right now, I'm slogging through John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River (we'll just say . . . this one is NOT A Prayer for Owen Meany* - although it's every bit as long -  and leave it at that).  I've also just started Beartown (Fredrik Backman) -- which is, so far, everything you've already heard it is.  (Watch for a Bingo update post tomorrow for a more detailed look at my recent reading.)

How about you?  What are you knitting and reading today?


Today's post is part of Kat's Unravled Wednesdays.  See what everyone else has to say here.


* One of my top-5 favorite books Of All Time.


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Your mystery shawl is lovely! I'm still working on mine, I started the final section last night. I just finished reading Beartown and really enjoyed it. Good luck on your wedding shawl!


I think your Mystery Shawl looks quite nice even pre-blocking. And yes. the MoB should be working on her daughter's wedding shawl! I don't know why I thought the wedding was ... later (like next year), but keep knitting, no unraveling!


Oh, you can totally bang out that shawl. And I predict a cover all, too.


The shawl is so pretty, even unblocked!

And the wedding blob for Erin *does* at least look promising ... :-)


Like others, we're cheering you on for the wedding shawl! I'm in a bit of a slump and just starting Stars Over Sunset Boulevard and finished the last six rows on Drachenfels shawl. Keep on keepin' on!


I am very impressed with your knitting and reading time? ! I daresy you are using what you have to the utmost. Continue to enjoy the moments.
Cheers ~


Beautiful shawl! Good you will not be using lake water to block...I remember that "odor" from my childhood. Not pleasant on clothes - lol. and the blob will be gorgeous for Erin. for some reason, like Bonny, I hadn't realized the wedding is so close. You'll finish, I have no doubts, and each stitch will be filled with love.

Caffeine Girl

You are way ahead of me on the mystery shawl. I love your colors and can't wait to see it blocked.
The wedding really is just ahead. Good luck in these next hectic weeks!
You used the term "Up North." Are you a Badger?


I'm with Carole--when you put your mind on something--something gets done!


Oh, I am looking forward to the beauty shots of your TTL Mystery Shawl!


I LOVED Beartown! (Maybe your could give the Kristen Kapur shawl to Erin to wear for her wedding. Just a thought.)


The Mystery Shawl is going to be so beautiful! Every one I've seen is lovely. I WILL have one some day. Looks like I'll have 4 Bingos. Just finished To the Bright Edge of the World and I LOVED it!! Good luck with Erin's shawl! It looks lovely, too!

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