Getting Ready
Well, Now. Wasn't That Fun?

No Regrets

I said I wasn't going to, but I did.


Last Friday afternoon, I drove over to check out the Michigan Fiber Festival.

My strategy lately . . .  is to go on Friday afternoon.  The vendors are set up and ready, but the Fiber Festival isn't officially open.  (The workshops and competitive events are going on, though.)  It's perfect for me . . . no crowds, first pick of the yarn, nice time to chat with unhurried vendors, parking is a breeze, and you don't have to pay the entrance fee.  (The downside?  I miss the excitement of being with so many other knitters.  Plus ... the animals are just coming in and getting settled, so seeing them is not an option.)

I haven't been terribly inspired about my knitting lately, so I almost didn't go.  And god knows I don't need any yarn. . . 


I bought yarn.  

I found some really lovely yarn that I am inspired to knit with.  So Win-Win!  (Just need to finish that beaded shawl for Erin first.)  

What I like best about going to the Fiber Festival is finding yarn-dyers and spinners that I'd never hear about otherwise.  This year, I found a spinner/dyer from Cincinnati who works with very unconventional fiber bases and creates absolutely beautiful color combinations.  (I nearly had a serious "falling down" in that booth.  I wanted every skein I touched -- and that doesn't happen much to me anymore.)  And another from Ohio that puts interesting and unexpected "bits" in her yarn (also some very unexpected color combinations).  I found a small Traverse City (Michigan) company that locally-sources every aspect of their yarn production:  local alpaca and sheep, local dyes, local everything.  Their colors are to die for -- and all inspired by Northern Michigan landmarks and Traverse City hot spots.  (Bought some of that, too.)  (I love their "farm-to-needles" approach.)

No pictures.  Sorry.  You'll just have to wait until I knit with it.

And knit with it I will!

I wasn't planning to go to the Fiber Festival this year . . . but I'm awfully glad I did.


In eclipse news . . . we're busy putting together our old-school viewing boxes this morning.  And my dad scored a pair of official eclipse glasses.  Sadly, we probably won't be using any of our devices.  We're expecting heavy cloud-cover here . . . just around eclipse time.  Oh, well.  We can watch it live on the Internet here at the NASA live-coverage site.


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We've got sunshine and blue skies predicted for this afternoon so hopefully we'll get to use our pinhole cereal box cameras! Sounds like going to the fiber festival was a good decision.


Sounds like it was a great Friday1 Can't wait to see some of the stash you bought. I'm at work, so no eclipse viewing for me (though I'll have that web site up - thanks for the link!


We have the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival here that I'm so looking forward to. It's mainly about the animals with a parade of breeds and sheep dog herding, and a bonus of lots of great vendors. I didn't buy anything last year, but had a great time. I'm glad you went to the Fiber Festival, now hurry up and knit with that yarn so we can see it! :-)


Nothing like a fiber fest to inspire! WI Sheep & Wool is in September... I'm waffling.
It's supposed to be pretty cloudy here, too, so I'll also be watching NASA's coverage of the eclipse!


Love, love, love fiber events of any sort. This looks entirely beguiling.


I'm intrigued to see what you bought, Kym! There was a fibre festival on this weekend but it was 5+ hours' drive away. Maybe next year. I need more yarn like I need another hole in my head. Sitting outside here in S. Ontario enjoying our eclipse weather- sunny and breezy. Nice to hear of your fun!


A golf trip kept me from going Friday. We went on Saturday and it wasn't too busy. It seemed to be smaller this year.


I hope you get your knitting mojo back soon
We had a great time watching the eclipse here

Debbie Kuppusamy

One of my knitting friends went to the fest too. She brought the most beautiful skein of hand dyed to show us Saturday. I'm a little jealous but I'll be ok;)


I am envious!! I got several text messages from friends wishing I was there! I will be excited to see what goodies you found!!


Fiber Festivals are wonderful just for the uniqueness of the yarns and vendors. So glad you went and that you found something inspiring. We had a fabulous eclipse day (92%)!


T'is good that you decided to go to the Festival...a treat for oneself is always in order. I look forward to seeing your "finds" when you start knitting them...

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