At Last ... A Book Bingo or Two
Sometimes Mondays


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Now that is an awesome fortune! Have an amazing weekend, Kym! XO


I have a bag of uneaten fortune cookies, and I occasionally open a few, hoping for a good fortune. I might need to go look for my own "extra energy"! Have a great weekend, Kym.


Use your gift of extra energy in a way that is pleasing to you! I'm finding mine on the coast of Maine. Hope this trip will give me energy to tackle tasks back home .


Who wouldn't be glad to have some extra energy? It's a good thing to have for a great w Keene!


most definitely! enjoy your weekend, Kym!!


Oh I need that too! Have a wonderful weekend -- not too energized that you can't relax and enjoy.


Yahoo! That extra energy will certainly come in handy!!


Extra energy: now THAT is something everyone can use!

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