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It's Friday and I Need an Opinion

I'm having a decision-dilemma.

I can't decide which shoes to wear for Erin's wedding.

IMG_8817 3

I'm hoping y'all can help me choose!  

I'd prefer to just wear my flip-flops (or - better yet - no shoes at all!!!), but I think I'm going to have to go with mother-of-the-bride respectable for this one, and put on Real Shoes.

Here's my dress. . .

IMG_8821 2

After shopping (in stores and online), I remain uninspired with my shoe options, but I've narrowed it down to two pair.

What do you think?

IMG_8823 2

Disco feet? 

(These somewhat sparkly silver sandals are comfortable and - as a surprise bonus - they do not highlight my extreme flip-flop tan lines.)

OR . . . 

IMG_8822 2

Neutral putty peep-toes?

(Also comfortable and nearly invisible - but my god . . . that flip-flop tan line is rather extreme.)

OR . . . 

Should I keep shopping?  (And, if so, for WHAT . . . exactly?)

What do you think?  Opinions, please!  Help me decide. . .





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A beautiful choice for a dress. Elegant and looks so nice on you.

I like the strappy sandals. Thought I'd like the pumps, but the sandals look better to me.

Love your blog.

Blessings to you and your family!



I would vote for the sandals - seems easier and then you would be done 😊 I do not like shopping so I always take the easy way out


I say go for the sandals! They seem more celebratory to me.


That is a gorgeous dress, and I like the disco sandals with it. A little contrast is good, along with comfort and no tan line. But, is there such a thing as dress-up flip flops? They would provide the same things, and do I remember correctly that the ceremony is outside? I'm not very good at walking outdoors in heels that poke into the ground (but you're probably much more graceful). So, my vote is for disco sandals while you shop for fancy flip flops.


Both are awesome, depends what you are going for. I think the sandals are super fun and definitely say "celebration" but I also think the nude ones make your legs look longer which is great for the many pictures of a wedding. In the end, I say choose whichever is more comfortable because comfort always wins when it comes to shoes.


OMG - your dress is so gorgeous and you look beautiful in it. Love the shade and the lace. I vote for the silver disco ones too. Or, as Bonny suggested, dressy flip flops- something a little sparkly?


Since both are comfortable, I vote for the disco sandals, I think they look great. Your dress is lovely!



And, I vote for those sparkly shoes! They are spectacular and look comfortable (at least as comfortable as non-flip-flops can ever look) It will be a day for shining things... and those shoes! And, love... so much love!! xoxoxox

Michelle B.

I like both pairs. If there are separate events (ceremony and reception), you could do one pair for each! Some sunless tanner lotion would really blend your flip flop tan.
But if I had to pick just one, I like the strappy sandals. They make your legs look super fantastic!


Absolutely, all the way DISCO!!

Kim in Oregon

Gorgeous dress, you look wonderful, sparkly sandals!


First of all, the dress is FAB! I love the color and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. As for the shoes, disco all the way, baby. I think those neutral ones are BOR-ing. And you, mother of the bride or not, are anything but boring.


Though I love, love, love me some peep toes...the sparkly silver was my first inclination when you were just holding them. So...go bold! And that dress...you've got it going on my friend! xo


Disco sandals! Time to party and they look very comfortable.


Disco 4-evah! The dress is fab.


I never seem to be with the majority on things like this, but I'm voting for the peep toe shoes. Very elegant and they do fabulous things for your legs.

Sue N

They are both really classy and the dress is just beautiful. The disco shoes get my vote, are you wearing a hat?


First off - I LOVE the dress! it fits beautifully and the color/style suits you perfectly. Both shoe options work great with the dress (and I assume with the "look" that Erin and her attendants will be wearing?) so I say go with whatever's most comfortable. ...and enjoy!


Great dress. And I agree that the silver sandals are best although either one is ok. But with the peep toes you would keep fretting about your tan lines even if you covered them up. And the sandals are sparkly! Do it. And have fun.

Julia in KW

Sparkling sandals, unless something serendipitously lands in your line of vision. Though whatever you go with, make sure it is comfortable!


They both look great but I love the sparkly sandals. Congratulations and enjoy!


Definitely the sandals. The color seems to work better with the dress.


I agree with Bonny. Go with the sandals, but look for some flip-flops that will work. I see many brides and her attendants wearing flip-flops around here. It's THE look. Your dress if so beautiful! I'll bet that lace is lovely in person.


Love the dress! I'll be a contrarian and tell you I love the way the nude ones keep the focus on the beautiful color of the dress and lengthen the leg line. But the silver are fun and mean you wouldn't have to fret about the tan line or fuss with fixing it somehow.

Fun times! Either way you'll look great!


Conservative me votes for the tan shoes. I don't care for white shoes with skirts, period; just my own prejudice. Maybe some spray tan for the flip-flop lines?

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