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Unless you've been living deep in a cave for the last several weeks, you already know that the solar eclipse is coming on Monday.


Michigan is not in the Path of Totality (isn't that just kind of fun to say?), but we do expect to experience a 90% partial eclipse here in Kalamazoo.

Although I'm not excited enough to head for totality, I am excited about the eclipse.  I've collected a bunch of "eclipse information" over the last few days, and I thought I'd share my finds with you.

  • If you want to see information about the eclipse for your particular location, click here.  You can enter your city, and the site will show you information about the eclipse near you.
  • If you want to learn more about the eclipse in an "in-depth" kind of way, the New York Times Science section has a great series of articles.  So does the Washington Post.
  • If you didn't nab a pair of eclipse glasses, Science Friday has a list of 5 easy ways to safely view the eclipse without them.
  • If you want some tips from the pros, Vox has a list for you here.
  • If you're wondering what happens to animals and wildlife during an eclipse, you can read about that here.
  • If you want some tips about watching the eclipse with kids, Michigan State University Extension put out a nifty little guide just yesterday.
  • And, finally, if you want some good old tongue-in-cheek humor about the eclipse, check this out from The Atlantic.

Have a great weekend!  


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I'm looking forward to the eclipse too! We will have a 95.5% partial eclipse here and I hope the clouds will stay away! The Astronomy Club at Eastern Illinois University has invited the community to campus for an eclipse festival- safe viewing, telescope viewing, food-including moon pies & sun chips, and lots of information. Since it's only a ten minute walk from my house to campus,so I will be meeting my sister there for a fun afternoon!


I would add one more thing to your list: Don't call the library looking for eclipse glasses. IF they even had them, they are now GONE.


So much fun! Great links! Thank you for sharing xoxo


Thank you for compiling this list of great information and links to learn more. Hope you have a great weekend.

P,S. Hope your shawl is coming along apace!


Thanks for your informative one-stop eclipse shop! We're only going to experience 73.3%, but I'm interested in seeing what it will look like, and how birds and insects react. Debbie's plans sound wonderful, and I mat have to eat a moon pie myself to commemorate the occasion!

Sue N

We get the smallest shadow in England and at sunset so probably too low to see. We did get an almost full one mid afternoon years ago and we all went outside from work to watch it. Very eerie in a way I hadn't anticipated.


Smith said HD is getting calls for welding masks and glasses! People are SO uninformed. We'll be watching through a pinhole in paper or with a box on our heads, but NOT by looking at the sun. We have 92% totality, but I don't think we'll notice any change in the light.

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