And All the Rest
Much Joy, Perfect Weather, and Lots of Fun

Dispatch from Wedding Central

Just a quick little check-in to let you know that I'm climbing aboard the Wedding Crazy Train today.  


Last-minute details and decisions.*

A transportation schedule that looks something like a battle strategy.

(You know.)


But mostly . . . so much love in my heart.

I'll be back next Tuesday to tell you all about it.


* I still haven't made a final decision about my shoes.  Maybe I'll wear one of each???


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You crack me up - one of each - lol. Think of it as Cat Stevens' Peace Train. Breathe deeply and enjoy. Can't wait to hear ALL about it and plenty of pictures too, of course. Have fun!!




I was hoping you would have time for a little wedding update. I wish I lived closer so I could help with the transportation of people and things, but alas I'm no help in NJ. Have fun, enjoy, breathe, and I know your heart will be overflowing with love on this wonderful occasion. XO!


Your daughter is getting married!!!! What an incredible time this must be. I hope you can slow things down and be in the moment as much as possible. You know my opinion on the shoes but how about wearing the nudes for the ceremony and dinner and the sparkly ones for the dancing? If there's anything I can do from across the miles you just yell, I'll hear you!


Oh joy!!! Have FUN!! xoxo


Carole has an excellent idea. The shoes are probably the last thing on your mind. The dress looks so elegant. How wonderful to have your family all together even with all the hubbub and extra work it's going to be an extraordinary time for you! May your heart be bursting with joy and love the whole weekend! xox


We're all waiting with bated breath for wedding photos. Enjoy every minute!


So happy for you today! Take all the shoes. You can never have too many.
Have fun!!


Have fun, because that's what it's supposed to be!

Can't wait to hear all about it. Best wishes to the sweet and happy couple. xo


So.much.excitement! Sending you all so much love and even moments of incredible calm! All.weekend.long! XOXOXO


Shoes, yes, take them all!
And I suggest to not just do something, but stand there! And gather it all in and make a memory!
Can't wait to hear all the details.


A perfect, elegant dress that you don't even have to think about because it is so uncomplicated yet striking -- leaves you totally free to enjoy the ceremony. You will absolutely love it.


Oh, the shoes. SILVER!!!


Enjoy the ride!


I literally LOL when I read that you might wear one of each. Enjoy the wedding. I know it will all be beautiful! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the pictures


Sending all the good thoughts your way - saw photos on IG and (of course!) everything looks amazing, and oh-so-full of love!! yay for all the bingo's too (thank you for trying to solve the Bechtel-Wallace test - why it's so darned hard is maddening, isn't it?! and two new-to-me poetry collections to try!)


What a lovely photo of Erin's dress. The wedding photos on Instagram looked lovely and captured a lot of happy moments. Congratulations to all.

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