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It's just about time to wrap up another season of Summer Book Bingo.  Quietly - and without fanfare - I finished the summer with a coverall.


Here's a quick rundown of the books I read that I haven't already identified:

Outside your comfort zone - I read Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith.  Why was this book of poetry outside my comfort zone?  Why . . . because I'd never read Tracy K. Smith before.  But when she was named the current U.S. Poet Laureate, I decided I needed to check out her poetry.  Let me just say -- it is lovely!

Any book (free square) - I could slide a couple of different books into this square (because I actually read a few books beyond the 25 Summer Book Bingo squares) but I decided that another book of poetry would fit perfectly here in this free square.  I read Rain in Portugal, a new collection of poems by Billy Collins.  What a treat!  Billy Collins remains one of my favorite poets of all time.

About art/artists - I read A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass.  When it first came out, I read Three Junes, Julia Glass's first novel.  It was fabulous, and I hold it up as one of my favorite reads of recent memory.  I keep reading her follow-up books as they come out -- hoping for another Three Junes.  But . . . nope.  This one wasn't it either.  Still enjoyable - in that summer, beach-read kind of way.  But certainly not another Three Junes.  (Oh, well.)  (I could have also plugged A Line Made by Walking by Sara Baume into this Bingo square.  It's a very good book; interesting perspective -- but probably not for everyone, and certainly not a summer beach-read.)

Thriller - I read Magpie Murders by Alan Horowitz.  Not exactly a "thriller" . . . really.  More like a "cozy mystery," I guess.  But the closest thing to a "thriller" I'll read this summer (my bingo; my rules).  Although rather light, the concept was interesting and unique -- and it kept me entertained for a couple of days.  

Classic - I re-read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  I first read this one as Le Petit Prince - en français - as a high school sophomore.  It is a very sweet story - although I must admit to being much more taken by it's message as a high school French student than as an adult in her fifties.  Still . . . it's fun to re-read beloved books from other eras of your life.

Audiobook narrated by the author - I listened to David Sedaris read his newest book, Theft by Finding.  I am a big fan of David Sedaris, so I enjoyed this book.  But . . . if you aren't already familiar with his work, this is NOT where I would start.  (It starts out very dark, and the whole thing is a bit choppy if you're not already familiar with the people in his life and the stories he tells.)

Set in a place you'd like to know more about - I struggled with this category.  Because I just didn't want to choose a book based on setting alone.  So . . . (my bingo; my rules). . . I'm going to fill this square with Bear Town by Frederik Backman.  (Because I am always interested in knowing more about Sweden.)  I loved this book!  Excellent writing, a solid story, Sweden . . . and hockey.

And . . . that's a wrap, my friends!  Another summer.  Another Summer Book Bingo coverall.


If you're interested in seeing the rest of the books in my Summer Book Bingo squares, you can check out this blog post.  And this one.


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Congrats Kym! (I love your "bee" tape.)


Congrats on your cover all! I loved Bear Town, too!


I always love hearing about your reading choices, and these are no exception. I've been thinking about House Among the Trees (the cover is gorgeous!) but maybe I'll read Three Junes instead. Hope your next book is a good one!


Congratulations! I guess I should write a post huh? And I'm adding Three Junes to my list!


Woot! Three cheers for your most excellent cover all!! XO


Hooray! You have such an eclectic bookshelf and you have added to my "want to read" list! Time to get started.


Congratulations on a great cover-all. I remember reading Three Junes and liking it, but not as much as I had hoped to...I may need to go back and re-read that. so many books and not enough time!! (Truly not a bad problem to have.)


I loved Three Junes, too and haven't added the new book to my list because of the overall poor reviews. Rain in Portugal is top of my list of the year and I'm going to check out Tracy Smith!

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