Up North and Beyond
Dogs on Vacation

Vacation (Home Again)

We had a wonderful vacation.
(And now we're back home.)


So relaxing.
(And then we came home to a full schedule of appointments and events and meetings.)

FullSizeRender 94

We did a good job of unplugging.
(But now we're making up for it -- catching up on paperwork and email.)


We had no distractions.
(But now we're dealing with our sick, garbage-eating dog.*)


We just listened to the waves and enjoyed the ever-changing shore.
(Now I'm coming to grips with the weeds-gone-wild after 11 days away.)


We sat around and just kicked back every day.  And ate ice cream.  Lots of ice cream.
(And now we're hitting the gym.)

IMG_8291 2

We're back home.  And happy to be here.
(But missing the relaxed pace.)


(And the beach. . . )


* Jenny eats ANYTHING.  And she ate . . . "something-interesting-but-not-identifiable" while we were on vacation (according to the x-rays the vet took on Tuesday) . . . which will now work it's way through her digestive tract.  (Lucky.Us.)  





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Welcome home; you were missed! I weeded yesterday and thought about you. :-) I do hope you can keep some of that relaxed pace and vacation feeling going (although Jenny's predicament may make that difficult). Love your stone cairns and that little tree growing right next to the water's edge.


So beautiful! Love the hammock, the shoreline, your cairns, and just the thought of no schedule/nothing you HAVE to do/etc. Hoping your re-entry can be not too difficult/hard (though it sounds like you already have much to do). Poor Jenny (and yuck!) - hope it is over quickly for all of you. Take it easy .


Welcome home! I hope Jenny is better soon! And, like Bonny - I thought about you while I was weeding and watering! Your photos are just spectacular! Thank you for sharing!


Sounds like reentry is presenting some challenges. I hope Jenny is feeling like her happy and lively self very soon. And I wish the same for you and Tom as reality returns!


Poor Jenny :-( Welcome back though. That looks like one wonderful vacation with a capital V.

Cheryl S.

Sorry to hear about Jenny's troubles - hope all "passes" quickly and without incident.


Oh boy. I hope "things" with Jenny pass smoothly. That wicker chaise, and the hammock, and he Adirondacks... till next time!

Welcome home!!


Welcome back!
You know a good vacation can extend to one more day of rest at home, and a treat.
Another day, another treat. Repeat.


Welcome Home! What a deliciously wonderful 11 days you had! I envy you...your photos are superb - I especially like the one of the rocks...hope the pooch gets better soon.


Dogs--wish we could 'splain to them that doing these things is not a good idea! On well, we just keep loving them!


Poor Jenny! Hope she is over her silliness soon (for your sake!). Your vacation looks marvelous and peaceful. The sound of waves would be heaven.


aw Poor Jenny (poor you!) ... not the best welcome home, but we are glad to have you back!


Re: dogs and digestion. I awoke yesterday to the delightful sound of Misha vomiting on the carpet. Then on the bed. Yuk. (Smokey cleaned it up; he is a saint.)

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