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Gilligan Goes Fishing

Up at our lake, we have a very old pontoon boat that we mostly use for just cruising about. . . looking for wildlife, enjoying the sunsets, scouting for fish.  

Tom is The Skipper.


I am Gilligan.

This means I help do things (that Tom can do on his own, but I like to have my own role, y'know?) . . . like cast off, manage the anchor, or navigate back to the dock.

It works.

We rarely fish from the pontoon, but when we do?  Gilligan is super busy.  (Because fisherman are fickle and want to try out new spots constantly.  That anchor-managing keeps Gilligan hoppin'!)

We had my dad up for a visit to the cottage for a few days, and we took the pontoon out every afternoon for leisurely fishing.

IMG_8472 2


The dogs love to come out with us on the pontoon boat.  While they prefer just cruising, they certainly don't mind kicking back and relaxing on the boat while we fish.  And Jenny -- who LOVES fishing -- remains on high-alert for the sound of reeling-in-a-big-one (or, for that matter, even a little one).


Sometimes we luck out . . . 


and someone lands a good fish.


But, mostly . . . it's just lovely bobbing along, watching the summer unfold on the lake.


And what does Gilligan do with the downtime on the pontoon?*  Well.  In the past, I have tried to bring books or a knitting project along.  But, y'know . . . it never fails.  Right in the middle of a row, or after settling into a new chapter, The Skipper calls for assistance with the anchor . . . and we're moving again! 

So now?  I bring a magazine.  And my camera.  And these . . .


Birdwatching at the lake is endlessly entertaining.  I watch the loons.  I love watching the herons and kingfishers.  I even found a bald eagle perched in a tree the other day.   You just never know what you'll spot -- and it's a whole lot easier to put the binoculars down in a hurry when someone calls for . . . 



I call that Win-Win!


* I get a fishing license every year.  But I'm just not that into fishing.


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Your lake looks much like our lake (or else all lakes in the north look alike). Speaking of loons, a couple days ago I saw three loons on our lake. One seemed larger than the other two, which makes me think that, after a number of non-productive years, our loon pair have successfully raised a couple of babies! Yay!


Wow this looks lovely. I love the pontoon pups too!


I always thought that fishing meant you were in the boat or on the shore and you kept casting basically from the same place until you caught something, but John showed me that was not the case. He laughed when I took a chair and knitting the first time I went with him, and then we proceeded to walk up and down the river casting for several hours. Fishing in any form is still more fun than an ill-fated three hour tour!


Having spent some time on that PARTY boot, I can attest that it's awesome!


How lovely! Reading this reminds me of going fishing with my father on the Bashakill, a large wetlands area in NYS that wasn't very far from the town where we lived. I rowed (no motors allowed on the Kill) and did birdwatching and he was so lovely and peaceful!


The lake looks beautiful and I really appreciate Tom and your dad fishing, but yeah, I just don't have the patience for it myself. duh, that's why I knit! But birdwatching might be a nice compromise ... it's active, educational and fun! I'd love to see a kingfisher!


Ahhhh, it's so lovely at the lake!! Despite my paternal heritage (eat/live/breathe FISH), I have never been "that into" fishing, and neither is my husband, but I do sometimes think it would be nice to be a Gilligan (as was my grandmother!).


LOL, I love it! And, I think you need a hat, little buddy! I am always up for birdwatching - it is the best of pastimes!


Bird watching would make your job a win! When we sailed I was Gilligan on the boat, too. I didn't have to swing the anchor often, but I had to run from one end of the boat to the other or ride the sails when the wind came up to fast, etc. Days on the boat can be hard work, but they're always fun.

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