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Dogs on Vacation

Although our dogs come up north to our cottage with us all the time, they usually have to stay at home with a dog-sitter when we go on vacations to other places.  It was a Grand Adventure, then, for all of us, when we brought the dogs along to Beaver Island for our vacation.


Beaver Island is completely dog-friendly - beginning with the island ferry, where the dogs got their own tickets!


Both dogs did just great on the 2-hour ferry ride out to the island (which is in the middle of northern Lake Michigan).  They were well-behaved and pretty relaxed.  (It was tougher on our way home because the water was really rough that day, and they were somewhat uncomfortable about that.  But still good dogs!)


On the island, we stayed in a cottage right on the lakeshore for the week.  It was pretty much dog-heaven -- with the water and the woods and the turkeys and the snakes.  So very much to check out!


One day, the lake was super calm -- barely even a ripple on the surface.  A perfect day for swimming!  


We had hoped for a dog-swimming-day and planned accordingly, packing water toys -- including one of Jenny's favorite blue floatation cushions.  The dogs LOVED swimming in the "big lake!"

IMG_7896 2

The shoreline of the island is mostly rocky, so it's challenging to "walk the beach" -- but there are a few bays with sandy beaches.  They are very dog-friendly (unlike most of the Lake Michigan beaches nearer to home, where dogs are not allowed - even on leash) and the dogs were welcome.  We were able to let them off-leash where they could walk along with us, free to explore and roam a little.

IMG_7863 3

They LOVED it!


And we did our part to keep the beaches walk-able for everyone. . . 


It truly was a Grand Adventure for all of us -- J-pups included.

IMG_7939 2


And, as an update, Jenny is feeling much better.  (She got into the trash at our cabin on the last night of our vacation. . . )  We're still waiting for her to pass whatever "interesting thing" she ate -- but she's eating again, and acting like her usual cantankerous self!


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So cute & funny that the dogs got their own tickets for the ferry ride. Love it! Sorry you mentioned snakes....other than that factor, it looks like such a beautiful, restful place.


It used to be a challenge for us to plan vacations that two adults and two human kids would all enjoy, but it's great that you found a place where you, Tom, and both of your dog kids had a wonderful time! I always marvel a how dog-friendly CO is, and it looks like Beaver Island and the ferry is also welcoming to all.


I hope your dog continues to feel better! My sister told me that Pentwater is dog friendly, they are welcome in stores and restaurants and even have doggie bag dispensers along the street to keep everything clean! Glad to hear you had such a nice time!


How fun to be able to take the dogs with you!! It sounds like a great getaway. I love their ferry tickets. So glad that Jenny is feeling better.


How nice Jenny is starting to feel normal. Your vacation looks like dog heaven! They must have had as grand (or better) a time as you did!


Thank you for posting this today with the pups. I'm glad they had a good time, and that Jenny is feeling better. Give them both a kiss from me.


Glad Jenny's doing better - and seeing y'all with long pants and jackets makes me feel cooler. just a little ;-) Happy Weekend!


Such a treat! We've. Left Boone with someone he knows while we're here in NC but he doesn't know the home. Fingers crossed! Glad to hear Jenny is feeling better.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

That looks like a great vacation. I always feel bad about leaving Bobo behind.

Sharon Stoneman

Loved hearing about your trip. My brother's dog committed a similar act. The vet referred to her garbage eating adventure as a 'dietary indiscretion '. Which turns out to be a surprisingly useful description!


I now have the urge to visit Beaver Island! How fun! And, bringing your entire family makes a vacation perfect! I hope Jenny is 100% soon!

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